Jan 212014

I guess we will have to see where this goes. I have certainly mentioned the idea of bacteria responsible for MS in the past on the blog. Of that there has not been anything else I have heard about an L-form bacteria and MS.

The article discusses a different way that a particular bacteria, Clostridium (C.) perfringens type B, could be causing problems and that is with its toxin. What I found most interesting is that it lives in your intestines and the researchers hope to find a probiotic for treatment.

Do not get too excited. This has all the markers of “too good to be true.” Maybe you can have your doctor write you a prescription for an antibiotic just to be sure. 🙂

Sep 042010

Based on what I have heard I expect the change to Shoemaker to be a significant change in protocol. I am used to taking antibiotics like Chiclets but I believe Shoemaker is a short-course antibiotic therapy doctor. If that is true for him than I am sure I am done with my antibiotics while under his care. That is certainly one thing to be very thankful for. I think his focus is on removing the toxins, lyme, etc., from your body.

To be fair I had been taking antibiotics and not seeing any improvement. I saw an initial significant improvement and then it just stopped. I continued with the antibiotics for a while hoping it would put me over the edge, but it never did. I quit all treatment because it was not helping. I hope this change makes some needed additional progress.

As it notes on his website he uses cholestyramine (CSM) to help remove the toxins from your body. I have taken CSM before and felt better while taking it. I stopped the CSM for a number of reasons. First, I was prescribed CSM to improve my contrast resolution, but I never saw a noticeable improvement. 😉 Secondly, CSM is somewhat vile to take. Lastly, I grew tired of having to coordinate taking it at an odd time safely distant from my antiepileptics. As a bonus the CSM constipation went away. I think you may need to live on prunes while taking CSM,

Mar 072008

Before starting with me there was a comment about healing MS with diet, which included a link to her website. Certainly “Healing MS” with some diet is nothing new, but I did take a look; though I didn’t read everything.

While I applaud Colleen on her success I do not think diet change alone is sufficient to suddenly stop demyelination. I do think that diet, exercise, etc. can play a large role in your health though, regardless of disease, and that can help anyone. Furthermore, while I have not read the book nor the diet I agree that whole foods are much healthier; although much more expensive.

From the site I gathered that the diet revolved around getting less toxins, which is great. Unfortunately, nasty toxins exist everywhere. Car exhaust, cleaners, pesticides, medicines, synthetic soaps, etc. Even if she has gone to all green cleaners, landscaping, etc. which is something I didn’t see on her page, you would still pick up toxins. For someone on this diet detox program I would expect to see some kind of sauna therapy to purge the rest of the toxins, but I didn’t see that either.

Unfortunately, because of the expense of a whole foods diet this puts this out of the reach of many people. I am guessing that for many people, especially sick people, this plan is way out of their price range.

Finally, I still stand by my former post that L-Form bacteria seem like a reasonable cause for Multiple Sclerosis.