May 292006

MS Red Mark on BackFor a while I have noticed that around the time I have an exacerbation I develop a red mark (rash) along the middle of my back along my spine (mid thoracic). I don’t have pictures from most of these occurrences, and can just barely see it in the mirror, but I think it happens in an almost an identical place, and is an almost identical size and shape. The rash does not hurt, is not warm, and I do not notice it in any way (Eriksgirl lets me know). On some occurrences it gets very dark, almost purple, while other times it is very faint. Yesterday, Eriksgirl noted that it is returning – although it is very light. I guess not a huge surprise since I have had a couple relapses. I guess the questions becomes, is it the Multiple Sclerosis, or is it something else?!

This is an old crummy picture, but it the typical mark on my back. The ruler is in inches – so the mark is about 5 inches (12.7cm) long.

4/10/2012 Update:  Probably a long overdue update to this post.  The comment below was correct about this being a Bartonella rash.  I took that to mean that I had Lyme and proceeded to get testing and treatment for both.  While I am not all better, I still have “silent” lesions on the brain, I am doing much better than I was before.  For now, and for a while now, I have not been doing any treatments.  The argument could be made I quit the Lyme treatments too early.  If you have a similar mark I urge you to not ignore it, and if you have it most likely you also have Lyme.  Good luck!