Aug 012009

As I read through the CALDA updates on the IDSA hearing it was striking how the drama and arguments are still the same old stuff. I hope that IDSA protocols improve, but I am less than optimistic.

What I thought was most interesting was even in this hearing there had to be an appeal to crazy. Usually you hear hypochondria but Dr. Arthur Weinstein’s appeal to somatization syndrome was new. Certainly one of the poison pills in that diagnosis is that the problems had to occur before the age of 30. Many Lyme suffers are not in that category. The bigger issue with the medical profession in general, and I have seen repeatedly and separate from Lyme, MS, and me, is that doctors dismiss what they do not understand. The doctors lack of comprehension is especially troubling when it turns into an accusation of crazy. I think it is easy to read maliciousness into being called crazy, but I think this is prime example of where Hanlon’s Razor should be applied. Sadly the level of ignorance and stupidity abounded in that hearing. How can you fix willful stupidity and ignorance?

Eriksgirl thought that the IDSA should be infected with Lyme. If Lyme can be treated like they believe a little Doxycline will cure them. It would be interesting to see how many continue to eat their own dog food if they got Lyme. Maybe someone should have been like Bill Gates and his mosquitoes and brought a jar of ticks to the meeting.