Oct 022014

Five things to know first before you start SVT:

  • Don’t Do It! (as If you didn’t already know 😉
  • It hurts like Hell! (worst pain of my life!)
  • There will be other drugs that go with it (hope you’re not allergic to any of them!)
  • Make sure you are near a hospital with the appropriate drugs first
  • If you are going to go this route do not be a pansy get at least 4 or 5 “injections”
  • Did I mention it hurts!

Copperhead Much Bigger than the one that bit Me

I was bitten by a copperhead snake in June. The snake has gotten bigger with each retelling and I am sure I will eventually make it up to Titanoboa portions, but I will try to give one last accurate attempt. First, the picture here is much bigger than the snake that bit me; I just grabbed a picture from wikipedia I did not take a picture of the snake while it was biting, wrestling with ;-), me. I do think that the snake that bit me was a young copperhead, though I did not notice a different color on the tail nor did I take the time to get a ruler, etc.

I went outside to investigate a snake and upon seeing it deemed it ok for throwing over the fence. The snake quickly called out my ability to identify safe snakes by biting five times across both hands. After the first bite it was quickly clear it was a venomous snake because while not immediately a level 10 pain it quickly ramps up to a 10+ pain. It caused some bonus side effects like trouble walking, even though it was all in my hands, and disorientation (could be the pain). So eriksgirl called 911 and the paramedics arrived. The one treating me was apparently about as much as a snake expert as I am as he gave us the “good news” that it had to be a rat snake and not venomous because there are no venomous snakes where we live. He did think I should be checked out at a hospital because it is an animal bite. 🙁 All I wanted was pain medicine and I stil do not know how I did not go in the house and empty the entire bottle of Motrin, I am ambivalent if that was for the better or not more on that below. It seemed like hours, my judgment of time is probably a little off, but eriksgirl eventually got us going to the nearest hospital. Continue reading »