May 202016

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Jan 222015
The definition of seperate but not equal

The definition of seperate but not equal

I was in Tom Thumb the other day and while washing my hands I read the normal employee hand washing signs. Both of the signs are the same except the one in Spanish at the end they tack on a “muy bueno” (very well or thoroughly). There are a lot of questions: Do people whose primary language is Spanish not normally wash their hands thoroughly and so need to be reminded? Do they think that people whose primary language is English always wash their hands well and do need to be reminded?

It seems incredibly implausible that this wording was not intentional. Every restaurant and office supply store I have been in sells signs that say the exact same thing on both. I also find it incredibly implausible that I am the first person in the country to notice this (I assume these are the corporate standard signs).

I went and spoke to the manager and right away he let me know he did not speak Spanish (in Texas!). I explained the signs and then the add on at the end. He went on about how they are required by law to have them <blah blah blah> . He emphasized that both say all employees must wash their hands so what is the problem? I told him they are not the same and one or the other needs to be changed to match. I left with him saying he would contact his boss and HR, but this is a big issue so it needs to be addressed from the top down.

I guess this is what you get with your uppity, over-priced grocery experience.

Not acceptable! 🙁

Nov 172011

The issue with not being able to post comment on the blog has been fixed. This was a bug related to changing hosting providers. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are still having issues please send me an email at erikmsblog at gmail dot com. Other than the comment issue I think the move was a success and the overall performance is significantly better. Once again sorry for the comment posting problems.


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Jan 122006

I guess you never know what is going to attract people to your site, but upon looking at the Google site overview I actually have people coming to the site after a search for “Naked Eskimo.” Personally, I don’t find anything fun or entertaining about my tremors: Shakin’ Like a Naked Eskimo 😉

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Oct 262005

I guess when there isn’t anything better to write about then write about illicit drugs (oops – I meant alternative medicine)! 😉 The basis for the article is basically that a key chemical in weed stimulates brain growth (well in rats). Now I’ve never met a rat hopped up on the ‘ol Mary Jane; but I’ve met a lot of people who have partaken of some and I can safely say that they will probably not be winning a mental (or memory) contests in the near future (ever). I guess I could postulate that weed suppresses mental activity so far that the brain thinks it needs to grow additional tissue.

Apr 102005

I just knew it! It is a grand conspiracy by the medical establishment so that we keep coming to see them. I bet whoppers cure Multiple Sclerosis too! I definitely foresee an open label clinical trial of Whoppers in my near future!!! 😉

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