Apr 262008

Eriksgirl got me into an ophthalmologist really quickly. Yeah Eriksgirl! I had questioned, to myself, the value of going to an ophthalmologist because I thought all I needed was to get was to get my optic nerve checked. The plus side was that I was having problems with blurry vision, in addition to the blind spots, so it seemed like a good idea to get a thorough eye exam. Plus going to the Neurologist for this was going to be a hassle.

The initial eye exam went very well. He checked the optic nerve, retina, macula, etc. Overall the health of my eyes was very good. Interestingly my prescription had changed significantly in one eye which was causing the blurry vision. Why did my prescription change to be more near-sighted after years of being stable? I wonder if it is Lyme related, but that is something to ponder another day.

The interesting test was the visual field perimetry test. This is the test where you look in the dome and click when you see a light. The test generated many pages of output from the various tests, but below is the mapping of the blind spots in each eye. After the test the ophthalmologist’s assessment was that the problem was neurological because there are no problems with my eyes. He was going to refer me to a neurologist (maybe thinking I didn’t want to see the one treating my seizures, or maybe he missed that I already had one) but we just got a copy of the records and had him fax a copy to my existing neurologist. I also get to anticipate the joy of coming clean on some issues with my neurologist (in a future post), but for now just more waiting.

To be continued …