Jan 162005

I noted to my wife earlier last week that my perpetual hand stiffness seemed to be getting better. I noticed it when I had to do some computer moves at work (not exactly my favorite task!) and my hands didn’t get very stiff. While they did proceed to get stiff again the next day, and when I got hot, there does seem to be an indication that they are slowly getting a little better.

On another positive note I cannot remember the last time that I had a hand tremor, and not just because my memory is so awful, it really has been a while. This must be because the lesion on my Cerebellum finally healed; just as I was about to give into the tremors being a permanent symptom.

Dec 272004

I came across the article about a week ago about the use of drugs, in otherwise normal people, to boost their memory and cognitive function. While I am far from being a “normal person” when it comes to cognitive function I am excited about these off label uses for these drugs. Even more so if my memory/congitive function get too much worse maybe I can talk my neuro in letting me take one (or all of them 😉 of these to give me a little boost!

Nov 092004

I had heard this mentioned in the last conference call that I attended that Alzherimer’s drugs were being tested to help with memory. Talk about another blow to the dignity if I have to start taking an Alzherimer’s drug in my 30’s. 😉 Anyway there was quite a bit of news about a number of Alzheimer’s drugs and MS today – funny how this stuff comes in waves – but this particular article caught my attention because of the possibility of improved benefit. There were two quotes I really enjoyed. The first was: “The researchers don’t know how donepezil may work in the brain to help improve memory in people with MS.” -I found this so fitting because doesn’t that really sum up pretty much everything with MS. The other was: “Those taking donepezil were more likely to have unusual or abnormal dreams than those taking the placebo.” -Funny because probably both groups had abnormal dreams it was just the donepezil group was able to remember that they had them! 😉 Joking aside I’m not surprised about the dreams because the Zoloft at 100mg was giving me some very weird and very vivid dreams.

Jun 292004

Well it seems to be about the same – really bad. My sister is convinced it is just the family legacy and not the MS. That very well may be but it is not what I am leaning towards since I have a little more difficulty with logical reasoning – which is quite a hit to the system. This would all seem to be consistent with MS mental issues so once again I’m going to have to disagree with her. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time. 😉

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May 262004

I had this nurse (Bob) last time but as soon as he walked in the house he remembered us and a lot about us. Pretty surprise since he only saw us a couple of times about a year ago. He even remembered our dog even though he had never seen her because she is too obnoxious (friendly though) with visitors. He certainly put my memory to shame! He even remembered a spider that was above our doorway (pretty menacing looking but completely benign) and her name (Charlotte since it was a girl spider!) I’m just happy to remember my name, phone number, and where I live! 😉

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May 102004

I guess this is a prime example for the memory issue since I forgot the item that made me decide to post this. I have had an increasingly bad habit of being asked a question (especially by my wife) but my thoughts drift and I end up ignoring them. This has been a problem at work too with me drifting off while on the phone with a user. The problem definitely seems to fluctuate in being a problem and I am certainly at fault for most of it – I know there are things I can do to help pay better attention but fail to do them.

My deepest apologies to my wife who suffers the most by me being this way and not doing more to minimize the effect.

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May 102004

My short term memory is definitely not nearly as good as it was two years ago. My wife (always being the wonderful optimist 😉 thinks it’s just an age thing because she noticed a deterioration in memory at the same age. I have heard others complain of the same thing at my age. This is one of the things that I blame MS first and dismiss the other possibilities – regardless what difference does it make the short term memory definitely isn’t as good. This is noticed most when I leave a room forgetting to bring something with me or leaving something undone. It also happens the other way that I will walk into a room and forget what I came in there for. Mostly it is just misceleanous thoughts throughout the day on things that I want to do, things I want to look up on the ‘net, etc. that get forgotten. When I have these thoughts now I always think (quite realistically) that “what’s the point I’ll forget about it before I can do anything.” Another practical example was yesterday I was taking my son for a walk in a neighborhood I wasn’t familiar with. I tried very hard to always remember the road name we were on so I could call 911 for help if I needed it (not that I thought I would be just to be safe.) I found that very difficult and kept saying the road names over and over in my mind – if I stopped and did something else or thought about something else it was usually gone. Yuck!

On the other hand I have made some changes that have really helped. I almost always have a cell phone (either work or personal) so if I think of something and can’t do it right then I will call and leave myself a message to jog my memory later. I also try to carry a pen and paper to jot things down – which works pretty well but the cell phone is much better in the car. I keep considering getting a PDA and even went to look at them today but once again came to the conclusion that they are too expensive. I am not satisfied with my current setup and it fails me sometimes so I am thinking about getting a day timer or something like that to help me out. It would be a lot cheaper than a PDA but would get the job done. I just desperately need something that I constantly carry around. The big drawback to that is the size since it won’t easily fit into my pocket and makes it less portable. The money issue is going to win out for now though. Besides a PDA with all the cool gadgets is almost as much as a laptop – Yikes!!!

I did some reading on the National MS Society pages and found the following links helpful. I am definitely not going to go and see a specialist at this point to help me with my memory I’m just going to work around the problem.