Apr 112012

No. Well maybe, but I would not know because I have never played Angry Birds. If it does I am willing to give it a try. Regardless I read this article about computers boosting brain power and thought they were not investigating anything new. Today the computers are helping our brains while beating us at Jeopardy and Chess so tomorrow they will rule the world. Well I welcome my computer overlords.

I was having a conversation recently with someone who was having memory issues and the doctor said it is gone forever you and only maintain. I told him I did not believe that, but you must exercise your brain. No one likes memory problems (unless you could selectively forget πŸ˜‰ ). You can mitigate memory issues by keeping notes etc. but there is a limit. I do not think the computer training are the solution. I think they used in the computer study the same thing I told him. You must exercise your brain and that is all the computers did. Sitting around all day watching TV or surfing the Internet is not exercising your brain. Worse than that I think some TV shows and some Internet sites actively destroy your brain. Read good books, play board/card games, etc. There are thousands of fun ways to exercise your brain. Do not blame everything on age or disease. Some memory issues may be the result of watching too much “reality TV”.

Aug 102009

As I commented on another blog a while back I have been taking fish oil for a while. Early in transiting to my current LLMD I complained about my memory. He recommend fish oil; in particularly he recommended Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3. My LLMD liked the higher concentration in Cooper brand, etc. He did warn that it would probably take two weeks to see improvement, which in hindsight seems about right. Taking the supplement has significantly helped my memory though certainly not a cure. Eriksgirl came around to the fish oil as well and she has seen improved memory as well. To be fair part of the blame is on our diet since we do not like fish and therefore naturally do not get the Omega-3 fats in our food. As a small consolation to not eating fish we should, hopefully, not be getting much mercury in our diet. Yeah fish oil.

For me in particular, and anyone who suffers from demyelination, I think taking fish oil is a cheap, easy way to greatly improve your quality of life.

Aug 072007

I am now wrapping up my final days of IV Clindamycin. For this medication the doctor normally starts at 300mg and then jumps to 600 and 900mg. Since I was doing “so well” he started me at 600mg, and then bumped me to 900 after a week. I think his caution was because the Clindamycin really hit him hard (and I guess other too), but overall it does not impact me nearly as much as the Rocephin. This could be a result of the drug and/or it could be that I progressed so far on the Rocephin. I am leaning towards the former. Looking it up it doesn’t look like it crosses the blood-brain barrier well (Cleocin Phosphate/Clindamycin), and since my symptoms have been mostly neurological the blood-brain barrier issue is the most likely cause for the reduction in Herx reactions. I will be switching in a couple of days to another drug (can’t remember the name, and that is with the memory improving ;-), and as I recall the new one will cross the blood-brain barrier. I suppose a good one to end the IV therapy.

Oct 262005

I guess when there isn’t anything better to write about then write about illicit drugs (oops – I meant alternative medicine)! πŸ˜‰ The basis for the article is basically that a key chemical in weed stimulates brain growth (well in rats). Now I’ve never met a rat hopped up on the ‘ol Mary Jane; but I’ve met a lot of people who have partaken of some and I can safely say that they will probably not be winning a mental (or memory) contests in the near future (ever). I guess I could postulate that weed suppresses mental activity so far that the brain thinks it needs to grow additional tissue.

Sep 292005

Well back on the antidepressants. This time I’m (we’re) giving Wellbutrin XL a try to see if it works out better than Zoloft. Zoloft side effects were unpleasant, and I’m certainly glad that there is something another drug to try, but still not too excited. I always thought that antidepressants were like a magic bullet and returned people back to their former selves, or maybe even happier selves. Sadly this has not been my experience. While it does make me a ton better than what I was (and is preferable in that sense), it does introduce a skew in my personality – a 3rd Erik (as opposed to normal and depressed). Many days I wonder if the “normal Erik” days are gone and just a distant memory – and maybe have become my “good ‘ol days”!

Jun 082005

My memory has been taking me for a ride this past month. It has been exceptionally frustrating with school. There was an instance when I worked on a school assignment for a couple hours, completed it on another computer, and in the time it took to walk back to my machine (1 min!) I forget to post the work. It’s more than a little frustrating to lose 10% per day for that – and it was 3 days before I realized I didn’t post my work for that assignment. Of course this if for English where I am already losing a ton of points for comma usage – I get it I have no idea how to use proper grammar.

Now on the track of it has to get worse before it gets better: One evening I took my multi-vitamin before going to bed but Eriksgirl asked me to get her one of her leftover prenatal vitamins. I get up and get it, hop into bed, feel this pill in my hand and so I took it. πŸ™ I don’t know what the hell they put in those prenates but for the next 24 hours I had this compulsive urge to watch Beaches and just have a good cry. πŸ˜‰

Jun 082005

Well a month off, and very little to show for it. Maybe that should be my epitaph. πŸ˜‰ Regardless the MS goings on this month was an MRI, a trip to the neuro, my memory blows, a really nice gift, some medicine changes, etc. I would like to start with the really nice gift, but alas I don’t have a digital image that I would like to post with it so that will have to wait until later. Now if only I could have taken a month off from the MS! πŸ˜‰

Feb 222005

I came across this article, Steroid Therapy Impairs Long-Term Memory, and certainly found it intersting, and yet a little depressing. On the other hand I certainly don’t begrudge the times I have taken Solu-Medrol. I need to pull the report in Neurology to see what it specifically says. Whatever the cause my memory, and cognitive, function definitely aren’t what they used to be. I had something else to say but I forgot. πŸ˜‰

On a side note their comment in the end about “emotionally arousing information” was kinda a no duh! Personally, I’m too agitated about everything to think about anything else, is that what they are talking about? Furthermore, in my limited experience the Solu-Medrol bad attitude isn’t exactly a turn-on for the Mrs. either!

Feb 182005

I was thinking the other day, as I was listening to some story about a heroine addict, that I get all of the pain from an injection without any of the fringe benefits. Nobody is going to be a Rebif abuser, it hurts yet doesn’t make you happy. Hence, I propose that Serano should sell additives to Rebif to make it more appealing/addictive. It would be so much easier to take when I was β€œforced” to take my Rebif hit, or just because I wanted my Rebif hit (hey I can quit anytime I want to! ;-). Plus, this has the added advantage of additional revenue for Serano. They would still ship you the base Rebif product, but then provide β€œadd-ons” that you could pull into the syringe as needed. Here are a couple of my product ideas:

  • Caff-Rebif: When you just need that extra kick to get you going. It would definitely get me to switch to taking Rebif in the morning! πŸ˜‰
  • Meth-Rebif: When the caffeine just isn’t doing the trick anymore and you definitely need a bigger kick to get you going.
  • Canna-Rebif: When you think your memory couldn’t get any worse, and don’t mind the munchies, but want to abate some of the MS symptoms without having to smoke something.
  • LSD-Rebif: When you just need a break from reality.
  • Val-Rebif: When you’re just too wound up and need a little valium to take the edge off. I definitely could have used this when I found out about this year’s insurance! πŸ˜‰
  • Ari-Rebif: When you need a little extra clarity that only Aricept can provide.

Of course there truly are endless possibilities. Sadly, I don’t see any of these hitting the shelves anytime soon. Maybe someone needs to start a DIY site to make your own additives. πŸ˜‰