Aug 202012

After years of not getting any comments or emails about Mannatech or Ambrotose I got an email a few weeks ago. Rather than a sales pitch it was a take down notice on some of my posts. That is a fist. Of course I never advocated the use of the products so the emails are SPAM or script junk. If they are scripts searching the web I would have also have expected Mannatechโ€™s Ambrotose Saved My Soul to be included in the take down notice. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Against my better judgment I replied to two of these emails with no response. No doubt I will continue to get these junk emails.

For a product that could supposedly cure everything Ambrotose certainty came at a great price. Of souse they can not legally say that which had to hurt sales. What does the product do other than cure everything? Furthermore, while I am not going to take their product because I think it is junk feel free to give it a try. I do not think it will hurt you.

Transcript of the email below.


Subject: Cease and Desist

RE: Impermissible Use of Health Claims Attributed to Mannatech Products

Mannatech, Incorporated (“Mannatech”) routinely reviews the internet to insure our products are being properly represented to the public. Health claims which go beyond the specific claims approved for Mannatech products and/or claims which state, suggest or imply Mannatech products cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease are against Mannatech policies.

Your website (identified above) contains statements which are contrary to Mannatech”s policies. You are hereby requested to immediately remove from your website any statement which (i) states, suggests or implies Mannatech nutritional products prevent, treat or cure disease, (ii) states, suggests or implies Mannatech nutritional products are a substitute for a doctor”s standard of care, and/or (iii) otherwise violates Mannatech”s Associate Policies & Procedures.

If you have any concerns or questions relating to the issue raised herein please contact the undersigned at We further request that you contact the undersigned within five (5) business days from the receipt of this letter to (i) confirm the offending statements/representations have been removed from the website and (ii) confirm you will refrain from making such representations in connection with Mannatech nutritional products in the future.

The removal of this type of impermissible information from the internet is of great importance to protect Mannatech”s right to conduct business. Mannatech is prepared, if necessary, to take legal action to secure your immediate compliance with this demand, including litigation seeking injunctive relief, damages and attorney fees as allowed under Texas law. It is our hope, however, that you now fully appreciate our concerns and will take prompt action to avoid escalating the matter further.

We thank you in advance for your immediate attention and cooperation, and again stress the importance of complying with our demand and contacting the undersigned as requested herein.


The Mannatech Legal, Ethics and Compliance Department

Note: Nothing contained in this letter shall be construed as a waiver of any rights Mannatech, Incorporated has at law or in equity, all of which are expressly reserved.

Dec 172009

Since my address is posted on the blog I get a fair amount of unsolicited email from the MS drug companies. An interesting one came in on Tuesday that I thought bore comment. Serono has setup a new website
How I fight MS
. The premise seems simple enough; five MS’ers telling of their struggle with MS via video, blog entries, and their personal story. There are many things about this site that left me uncomfortable and asking questions.

Other than being the white face of MS they took four existing female MS bloggers and then a “token” male (because there are males with MS too!). Why are the posts so short? These bloggers tend to write decently long pieces about various things. Did Serono mandate the length or did they cut it? Certainly a unifying theme too. Based on the content, that Serono is overseeing, it seems to build hope, confidence, and reassure. The content almost seems whitewashed.

When I saw the a couple of the videos my thought was that these were professionally made. My suspensions were confirmed. My other thought was that they are also getting paid, which was also confirmed by Julie’s statement “My Paid Blogging Gig (And, no, they don’t pay me to pimp their drugs)” and her reply in the comments. I applaud Julie’s optimism. Let’s do a quick marketing 101 course. Serono certainly wants to appear altruistic but they are in the business of selling drugs, and in the case of MS very expensive ones. If they get real MS’ers to speak on their site the MS’ers image and creditability get shared with Serono. That helps them sell expensive drugs. That is also why they are very interested in the content of the messages; probably mostly so the site will attract their target audience. Julie, you are getting paid to pimp their image which really is pimping their drugs.

For a low budget marketing endeavor I think Serono picked an excellent group of people that will help them significantly. Julie was optimistic and rejected Herrad’s comment that she lost integrity, though he later recanted. I agree that you compromise your integrity when you accept money especially from a drug company even if you were naive as to their true intentions. Money had to be the motivator, especially for the ones with blogs. They were already doing everything but video on their blog; if they wanted to do video that is something that could be done on their blog on their terms (and for minimal cost if they needed a webcam). I do wonder how much money they got for doing the bit, money that will cost you your integrity.

After all of that I will conclude by saying I too would be a shill if the right size bag of money came upon my door. Heck I could probably even be a shill for Mannatech, but that would have to be two very large bags of money. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apr 092007

Everything is pretty stable at the moment as I continue my wait to get into some doctors. I may never understand the mandatory wait when I am sick now. I guess my sickness isn’t going anywhere so I can stand to wait. Ugh. I currently have 3 appointments (only one local) with possibly two more to be added (one of those is “just” a long car drive away).

On a side note my continuing research into Lyme seems to indicate that alternative treatments will play a much larger role than they did with Multiple Sclerosis. Realizing I probably come off anti-alternative treatments with my continued Ambrotose/Glyconutrient bashing (which, by the way, I never heard back from that one email asking how glyconutrients can cure Lyme); I do think that alternative treatments have an important place. For MS I was (and I still am) taking Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) and Fish Oil (better than eating fish; yuck!). I’ll write more on the more extensive alternative treatments I choose after talking to some doctors to see how they will best complement the treatment.


Mar 302007

As much as I would prefer not to go to PA (as MDMHVONPA suggests) I now have two doctors appointments up there. It is certainly easier to find a Lyme doctor in tick country. Plus, going up there again will give the ticks an opportunity to get the other 4 members of the family. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have also found a local doctor, and maybe one in LA. All that is left is to wait for the appointments, and maybe think of a couple of more questions.

On a side note I got another email about Ambrotose. It even started “I saw that you welcomed some emails about the topic, so i thought I’d take you up on it.” I don’t know where she got that impression since I’ve gone to the effort of disabling comments on most of the Ambrotose posts. I am at least glad that the sales-pitch was re-engineered to address Lyme: “However, scientifically there is a ton of evidence that points to cellular issues as being the starting block of most diseases. From Cancer to Lyme, and nearly everything in between what happens is a breakdown in cellular communication.” They must really train them well that they have an expert knowledge in Lyme, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. I guess I will have to get some additional specifics about how it helps restore “cellular communication” to cure Lyme. Personally, I am waiting for the Mannatech Fountain of Youth Juiceยฎ.


Nov 212005

ย and I don’t like any of them. OK, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I kinda liked the Sharpie sniffing (but it was awkward going around with my black-tipped nose) โ€“ unfortunately it didn’t help much with the MS. Also, I haven’t tried LDN nor Mannatech’s Ambrotose. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess the bottom line is that I am growing tired of the Rebif injections. The big problem is that I am doing so well. Yeah, I have the occasional exacerbation, but they have all been relatively minor. Lately, I have been averaging about 2 injections per week up until about a month ago. I am now averaging about 1 injection per week, and I just took off an entire week (a new record and with no ill Rebif effects). I suppose I am doing well as far as the 18 month mark when a lot of people quit (I am at 28 months). I do wonder if the Rebif is helping or if I just am in a lull. I’m not quite ready to quit, though it is growing increasingly hard to take. Hopefully there will be a good oral medication available soon.

Oct 252005

Apparently I have been wrong this whole time about Glyconutrients. If only Stacy would have commented earlier I would have avoided all of these embarrassing mistakes about Glyconutirents and their importance for Multiple Sclerosis. I simply cannot refute her rock solid logic of: “You absolutely cannot refute that people with MS have problems with their glycoproteins.” and “It’s nutritional not medicinal.” Regardless consider this my official change of position: I will not longer be taking Rebif or any other drug and will switch completely to Mannatech’s Ambrotose. I am sorry for the confusion and skepticism as well as slandering glyconutrients and their health benefits. I urge everyone else to take this critical dietary supplement too!!! I will soon post a link on my site so you can order your supplements directly from me since I will be a registered Mannatech representative.

I wrote the previous part yesterday, but there was an interesting development today. I was in company sponsored CPR class today (would I really provide life saving activities on someone who causes me so much work, hmmmm). The instructor was really nice and did a great job. While I was taking my test I noticed that his canvas bag was embroidered with Mannatech. Definitely got a laugh as I thought: oh my gosh they are following me to work! I hung behind after class to ask him about the bag, and he confirmed that he does sell the stuff. While he did extol their virtues (the exact party line I’ve heard a 100x’s) he said he doesn’t really push the stuff โ€“ even though it works so great for him. He said he has a very successful business and doesn’t need to sell the stuff, but does to give it to friends. I told him I’d been presented many times with their products, but left off the reason (MS). He tacked on somewhere in the conversation that they work really well on 11 autoimmune diseases (I didn’t volunteer that I had one). Regardless, I just listened and smiled since I approached him and he was nice and not pushy. Overall, I have no problem with the Mannatech people except that they go out of there way to pester me โ€“ go figure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jan 202005

Effective immediately I have locked my posts on Glyconutrients, Mannatech, and Ambrotose so that no new comments may be added. The most recent commentator has pushed me over the edge, but I have a number of reasons:

  • These always seems to be comments from people who are not regular visitors to the site, and tend to never come back.
  • They always cite their personal experience, rather than scientific evidence, to support their claim.
  • They, on occasion, can get ugly – and frankly I would rather be put down by my “regulars” on regular MS posts.
  • They have yet to address any of my concerns, or objections, to the glyconutrients, Mannatech, or Ambrotose. Especially with the last poster who just continues with flame drivel.
  • Too much astroturfing.

If you have something serious to say on the topic send me an email and we can discuss. Otherwise, take your glyconutrient religion elsewhere.

Addition 10:46pm:

My wife was displeased with my choice to disable comments for two reasons. The big one being she wanted MDMHVonPA to make some witty comment – don’t we all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The other was to see if anonymous would reply to her with something substantive. I think the liklihood of that is approaching zero, but he can always send me an email. If anonymity is a concern then he can use one of the many free tools available for anonymous email (ie Mixmaster).

As much fun as the Glyconutrient posts have been it is time to move on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oct 252004

Well I got for first email pimping a cure (or at least something to help MS) from a Mr. Steve Brown. Apparently he is pimpin’ his warez of Ambrotose by Mannatech. Per Scott “Iโ€™ve been working with glyconutrients and MS sufferers for the last two years with real success.” It is unclear what he means by success with MS sufferers but I’m guessing that is has something to do with lining his pocketbook. I guess he must be doing OK if he is running the latest and greatest version of Outlook and Office – but maybe that came pre-loaded on his Dell while he’s using the ever cool Earthlink or AOL browser. I went to one of his sites to see and the design just smacks of garbage product. Well no money from me and I’ll consider this fair warning to people pimping their garbage that in the future I will be posting identifying information about solicitors who send me this garbage (or maybe I’ll just break out the 1337 BOFH skillz and make them pay!). On the other hand I still welcome feedback from the MS community on what they’ve found that works well for them – just don’t be irritated if I have no interest in it and blog about the suggestion.