Mar 062016

I was filling out a quick form on MS and it asked about treatments. I recognized all of them except one, Lemtrada. I thought wow I must have been living under a rock somewhere. Then a quick search and then I realized it is Campath with a new name. Apparently I was living under a rock since I missed the name change, etc., but now seems like a good time to revisit the drug.

I am glad I have the old information about the drug. It is now prescribed for relapsing-remitting types of patients who struggle on other drugs. What I find concerning is that, other than the drugs other horrible side effects, it kills oligodendrocytes which are key for myelin,and myelin repair. It makes me skeptocal of their claims, and peoples long-term outcomes. Bottom line it does not sound like an effective treatment that all but guarantees cancer, plus any number of other woes.

How do they even get this stuff approved as a treatment?

Jun 272004

What I found disturbing about the initial Campath 1H study of secondary progressive patients is that they continued to get worse even though the disease progression had been stopped. This had been theorized before but seemed to be confirmed by this study that the oligodendrocytes were being damaged/killed resulting in myelin not being replaced. This caused concern because their function must be repaired or replaced in any successful remyelination effort.