Aug 012007

The other reason, and the largest, that I wanted to stop the Malarone was because I was having significant blood sugar problems. If I didn’t eat regular meals and snacks with protein my blood sugar would get out of control. I originally thought that the symptoms were caused by hypoglycemia, but maybe my blood sugar was getting too high. Regardless, I was having problems with fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, blurry vision, etc. My concern was that the Malarone was causing damage to my pancreas, and ultimately could be permanent. When visiting the doctor he said that eating protein was a good way of mitigating the problem, and that it was a sign that the body was under stress (from the Babesia in this case) which impacted Insulin levels (he didn’t say which direction it would impact the insulin). The blood sugar levels seemed to return back to normal when stopping the Malarone; so I expect them to be a problem again now that I have resumed the treatment.

On a side note: I have not lost any weight since treatment began, but my waist has thinned out substantially. I asked about that today, and the doctor said that is normal as the Lyme, as a stressor, impacted my blood sugar levels causing me to store more fat. Now that the levels are back to normal, or at least closer to normal, the fat is shifting into muscle mass. Additionally, my blood pressure has taken a dramatic drop from a normal doctor visit being 140/90+ (for years) to now being 110/70. My blood pressure dropped down to this point pretty quickly in the treatment process, and the doctor indicated that the drop was because the Lyme was being less of a stress on the system.