Apr 222006

Now that Paula.Rothstein@medicinefreeliving.com has both SPAMed my email, and the blog, maybe Natural Cellular Defense will be the next Ambrotose! 😉 The name of her site did make me think of the emails (from fellow MS’ers) advocating going medication free, and spurned this post as a corollary to Death Before Disability. I have wondered if Rebif is harmful over the long term, and Eriksgirl and I have had many conversations (some very recently) about its safety. Of course everything seems to indicate that it is probably OK, but in the end it is operating as a immune system depressant. The Tysabri combination trials certainly reiterated what can happen when the immune system is suppressed too far, but what happens long term with just a little (well at least less than the combination therapy). Am I going to be worse off because of taking Rebif with a nasty cancer, or some other disease, that in the end is much worse than the Multiple Sclerosis? In my experience I’ve never found any medical intervention to be a “free ride.” Certainly not thoughts that get me in the mood to take my injections. I guess on the plus side I took the week off from injections as I was recovering from a viral infection, and didn’t want anything slowing my recovery!