Feb 132013

As I was trying to go to sleep the other night with a MS headache I was wondering if that is the most common symptom. I have written about headaches (9 years ago – time flies) before and this one fit the pattern. Like other people I get normal headaches which are usually sinus or caffeine I guess these are just a bonus. This last headache was a good example of a MS headache because it repeated for days and only affected my right temple which I believe is a first for me. Caffeine headaches for me are always both temples. The most common type of MS headache for me is one affecting the parietal area, back of the head. I have had a repeated lesion in the back of my brain so that seems to makes sense. This last headache was low on the pain scale, maybe a 3, but it was not compatible with sleep because apparently I am a pansy. Fortunately ibuprofen has always taken care of the headaches.