Aug 102009

As I commented on another blog a while back I have been taking fish oil for a while. Early in transiting to my current LLMD I complained about my memory. He recommend fish oil; in particularly he recommended Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3. My LLMD liked the higher concentration in Cooper brand, etc. He did warn that it would probably take two weeks to see improvement, which in hindsight seems about right. Taking the supplement has significantly helped my memory though certainly not a cure. Eriksgirl came around to the fish oil as well and she has seen improved memory as well. To be fair part of the blame is on our diet since we do not like fish and therefore naturally do not get the Omega-3 fats in our food. As a small consolation to not eating fish we should, hopefully, not be getting much mercury in our diet. Yeah fish oil.

For me in particular, and anyone who suffers from demyelination, I think taking fish oil is a cheap, easy way to greatly improve your quality of life.

Apr 092007

Everything is pretty stable at the moment as I continue my wait to get into some doctors. I may never understand the mandatory wait when I am sick now. I guess my sickness isn’t going anywhere so I can stand to wait. Ugh. I currently have 3 appointments (only one local) with possibly two more to be added (one of those is “just” a long car drive away).

On a side note my continuing research into Lyme seems to indicate that alternative treatments will play a much larger role than they did with Multiple Sclerosis. Realizing I probably come off anti-alternative treatments with my continued Ambrotose/Glyconutrient bashing (which, by the way, I never heard back from that one email asking how glyconutrients can cure Lyme); I do think that alternative treatments have an important place. For MS I was (and I still am) taking Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) and Fish Oil (better than eating fish; yuck!). I’ll write more on the more extensive alternative treatments I choose after talking to some doctors to see how they will best complement the treatment.