Jul 272006

Stimulant class drugs certainly catch my interest now that I suffer from bouts of fatigue. Though I am doing pretty well most of the time with the B100. Regardless, I came across an article for a drug that looks pretty promising. Of course with that small of a trial it is a long time before anything becomes of that. Regardless, I would like something that doesn’t have the negative side-effects of the Provigil (tenseness). Of course I probably couldn’t afford CX717 if it has to be taken constantly because of its short half life. I guess I’ll be sticking with my Dr. Pepper and B100 for a while. 😉

My problem with the fatigue is that it is more than being tired, it puts me in a depressed mood – and there seems to be a connection with the fatigue and dizziness (what fatigue and dizziness have in common I have no idea). With the Provigil I am feel much better, I am once again in a great mood, and no dizziness.