Jan 172007

In response to Gwen’s post my exacerbation pre-dated the holidays. I am just a little slow to get to posting about the exacerbation, etc. (the exacerbation pre-dated Thanksgiving, and just being the 5 of us at home probably doesn’t count as holiday stress – just regular stress ;-). In fact the Solu-Medrol was completed weeks before Christmas. I also agree that many exacerbations just go away by themselves, most within a couple of days. This was not the case with the hands, and was the exact same track that led to the really bad exacerbation (from which there is residual damage). I did not want to risk any additional damage to the hands, and for the record I was recently re-tested and no carpel tunnel (nor any other tunnel problems in the arms) that would be causing residual problems.

Secondarily, does the cause of a significant exacerbation (holiday stress, etc.) matter other than for academic purposes. Regardless of the time of year, and surrounding circumstances I will treat hand problems aggressively. Conversely, pain, itching, balance, fatigue, dizziness/vertigo, numbness elsewhere, etc. will not be treated aggressively – and probably not treated at all (other than the normal routines). I think everyone needs to have thresholds with MS for exacerbations that are tolerable, and exacerbations that are not tolerable that will be treated aggressively. Some people may find walking problems to be more serious than I do, and treat those aggressively.

I’m curious, where do you work that you get 6 weeks of paid vacation (and are they hiring!)? (I get 4 weeks, but that is above average in my experience)

Mar 172006

Well I guess the Multiple Sclerosis vacation is over. I decided to take some time off from the MS and I accomplished what I thought would never happen – days without thinking of the disease. I also took off approximately 3 months from taking injections. Hiding as I may the MS finally caught up with me and it’s back to exacerbation and injection time. Still a mild exacerbation – the numb feet and the girdling around the legs. Well I guess back to the grind.

Jun 142005

Beats the heck out of cold feet! 😉 For whatever reason this remains one of the most common recurring exacerbations for me. Fortunately, other than being a pretty massive annoyance it doesn’t cause any other problems. This time it is worse than it has ever been before, but remains primarily focused at the balls of the feet and the toes. Too bad it doesn’t also numb a little deeper for my flat feet pain – but couldn’t have MS doing something useful! 😉 This has now been going strong for 3 days so I’ve probably got a little while left.

May 262004

Right after the Solu-Medrol treatment I noticed that the numbness in my feet and my leg weakness were better. Not that I think the Solu-Medrol even remotely had enough time to work just that we are wrapping up this exacerbation on its own. It would be consistent with the pattern of a couple week exacerbation and then it goes away. At least I will hopefully be symptom free shortly (except for the steroid side effects) which is good.