May 072015

Zevia ColaSo today Eriksgirl came in and said I want you to try something. Made me nervous at first that it would be some weird food. I quickly saw a blue six pack go into the fridge and I correctly assumed that was what she was talking about, and I also correctly assumed it was not Bud Light. She said that she picked up a Coke replacement, Zevia, at Sprouts and she wanted me to try it. I had just read how Pepsi was changing the sweetener in Diet Pepsi to help stop their shrinking demand. Pepsi swore you could not tell the difference although I never liked Diet Pepsi.

We were having lunch so Eriksgirl wanted me to try on right then. I poured it over ice so it would be cold, but still did not like it. In fact I could not discern much of a cola taste. My son on the other hand said “This tastes just like a Coke.” I came back later and tried again and I think my biggest problem is getting over the taste of the sweetener, Stevia. Eriksgirl agreed that is probably the case, and it does take a while to get used to. Eriksgirl also noted that she had gotten used to Stevia a while ago so the Zevia was fine for her and she liked it. I personally deemed Zevia as failure as a coke replacement because it would require me investing time and money into acquiring a taste for Stevia. More than that Zevia is significantly more expensive than Coke.

That brings us to why did Eriksgirl pick up Zevia for me? I do drink Coke every day, and that is obviously not a fantastic choice. Eriksgirl was looking for something healthy that could replace the Coke. It even says on the can vegan, kosher, and gluten free. That said I would hope a normal Coke is vegan and gluten free. 🙂 I told Eriksgirl it is not worth it and when our new diet get going I will just drop it. The Zevia as a healthy choice, for whatever reason, made me think of smoking. Then a guy dressed up as a cigarette to make you associate bad things with cigarettes. Maybe that is another idea for Eriksgirl, have someone dressed up as a Coke can beat me up so I associate bad things with Coke. (with knocked out teeth) See I told you the Coke was going to rot out your teeth. 🙂

Jan 162014

Apparently a recurring theme here. As my personal diet leaves a lot to be desired, health wise :-), maybe I should try one of these out. This one comes via my mother-in-law’s doctor who inadvertently brought this diet up again (Wow, two years!). The doctor she works for is ex-OB/GYN and has turned into a functional medicine doctor (I had to look up what that was). On a funny note my mother-in-law’s son now thinks she is working for a witch.

She recommends Dr. Terry Wahls for the treatment of MS, also a functional medicine doctor. Briefly looking at her website she made a remarkable recovery from her wheelchair and secondary progressive MS. She now has her own protocol for curing/treating multiple sclerosis which is the Wahls Protocol. Reading about the Wahls Protocol it appears to mostly be the Paleo Diet. On a positive note you can try out the plan and see if it works for you.

As I said in the previous post on this: Tis the season to go on a diet. Good luck

Sep 302013

Pregnancy_test_resultThis is my backup plan to my willpower failing. As a man I know it has always been a personal dream to turn a pregnancy test positive and now I could get my chance. In my experience pregnant women do not lose weight but I visit a quack and he sells it as a diet. The unbelievable plan on how you too can lose weight being pregnant or just pass a pregnancy test: Continue reading »

Sep 232013

Not quite that exiting. 🙂

For a while I have blamed the majority of my problems on my diet. My diet is a lot of bad habits but getting the desire and persistence to change is hard. Eriksgirl decided to sign up for Slim 4 Life to lose a few pounds, her friends have had very good results. I went with her to join the program. I could certainly stand to lose a few pounds but the goal was to establish better habits. We set up a meeting to get signed up and all was going well. The problem came when they were going over the paperwork and I had a medical condition that failed me from their diet, and I still do not understand. Continue reading »

Jan 022012

I had a similar post here. After watching the video I will have to revisit my position I made earlier on diet and MS. I recently got an email about healing MS with diet and put it off. I got around to it today and it is a TED presentation. I like TED presentations because unlike reality TV you do not feel like less of a person when you are done. Unfortunately for me and my typical American diet I watched this after a lunch of pizza and Coke and I began to wonder what am I doing to myself. Tis the season for new years resolutions.

Here is the link to the article I was sent. It includes the video and expands on the diet idea. It also includes some ideas that even I can not go along with (e.g. childhood trauma. Sure I did not get that one great toy I wanted for Christmas, but I do not think it is causing me problems now).

Mar 072008

Before starting with me there was a comment about healing MS with diet, which included a link to her website. Certainly “Healing MS” with some diet is nothing new, but I did take a look; though I didn’t read everything.

While I applaud Colleen on her success I do not think diet change alone is sufficient to suddenly stop demyelination. I do think that diet, exercise, etc. can play a large role in your health though, regardless of disease, and that can help anyone. Furthermore, while I have not read the book nor the diet I agree that whole foods are much healthier; although much more expensive.

From the site I gathered that the diet revolved around getting less toxins, which is great. Unfortunately, nasty toxins exist everywhere. Car exhaust, cleaners, pesticides, medicines, synthetic soaps, etc. Even if she has gone to all green cleaners, landscaping, etc. which is something I didn’t see on her page, you would still pick up toxins. For someone on this diet detox program I would expect to see some kind of sauna therapy to purge the rest of the toxins, but I didn’t see that either.

Unfortunately, because of the expense of a whole foods diet this puts this out of the reach of many people. I am guessing that for many people, especially sick people, this plan is way out of their price range.

Finally, I still stand by my former post that L-Form bacteria seem like a reasonable cause for Multiple Sclerosis.