Jan 022012

I had a similar post here. After watching the video I will have to revisit my position I made earlier on diet and MS. I recently got an email about healing MS with diet and put it off. I got around to it today and it is a TED presentation. I like TED presentations because unlike reality TV you do not feel like less of a person when you are done. Unfortunately for me and my typical American diet I watched this after a lunch of pizza and Coke and I began to wonder what am I doing to myself. Tis the season for new years resolutions.

Here is the link to the article I was sent. It includes the video and expands on the diet idea. It also includes some ideas that even I can not go along with (e.g. childhood trauma. Sure I did not get that one great toy I wanted for Christmas, but I do not think it is causing me problems now).

Aug 102009

As I commented on another blog a while back I have been taking fish oil for a while. Early in transiting to my current LLMD I complained about my memory. He recommend fish oil; in particularly he recommended Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3. My LLMD liked the higher concentration in Cooper brand, etc. He did warn that it would probably take two weeks to see improvement, which in hindsight seems about right. Taking the supplement has significantly helped my memory though certainly not a cure. Eriksgirl came around to the fish oil as well and she has seen improved memory as well. To be fair part of the blame is on our diet since we do not like fish and therefore naturally do not get the Omega-3 fats in our food. As a small consolation to not eating fish we should, hopefully, not be getting much mercury in our diet. Yeah fish oil.

For me in particular, and anyone who suffers from demyelination, I think taking fish oil is a cheap, easy way to greatly improve your quality of life.

Dec 282006

The latest MRI radiologist report has been posted. Not the more interesting read, but not that much of an upper either. Of course they missed a scan of the spine, and I am guessing that “axial T2 fast spin echo sequence” = FLAIR (which I believe is a type of T2 scan) since that one is missing from the report (and is the one they tend to like for MS). The Neuro said he would call them and have them do the scan, but have not heard from them yet (maybe time for another reminder call). On the other hand it has been almost a month since the original scan; hopefully the Myelin has significant repaired.