Feb 222005

I came across this article, Steroid Therapy Impairs Long-Term Memory, and certainly found it intersting, and yet a little depressing. On the other hand I certainly don’t begrudge the times I have taken Solu-Medrol. I need to pull the report in Neurology to see what it specifically says. Whatever the cause my memory, and cognitive, function definitely aren’t what they used to be. I had something else to say but I forgot. 😉

On a side note their comment in the end about “emotionally arousing information” was kinda a no duh! Personally, I’m too agitated about everything to think about anything else, is that what they are talking about? Furthermore, in my limited experience the Solu-Medrol bad attitude isn’t exactly a turn-on for the Mrs. either!

Dec 272004

I came across the article about a week ago about the use of drugs, in otherwise normal people, to boost their memory and cognitive function. While I am far from being a “normal person” when it comes to cognitive function I am excited about these off label uses for these drugs. Even more so if my memory/congitive function get too much worse maybe I can talk my neuro in letting me take one (or all of them 😉 of these to give me a little boost!