Aug 072007

I am now wrapping up my final days of IV Clindamycin. For this medication the doctor normally starts at 300mg and then jumps to 600 and 900mg. Since I was doing “so well” he started me at 600mg, and then bumped me to 900 after a week. I think his caution was because the Clindamycin really hit him hard (and I guess other too), but overall it does not impact me nearly as much as the Rocephin. This could be a result of the drug and/or it could be that I progressed so far on the Rocephin. I am leaning towards the former. Looking it up it doesn’t look like it crosses the blood-brain barrier well (Cleocin Phosphate/Clindamycin), and since my symptoms have been mostly neurological the blood-brain barrier issue is the most likely cause for the reduction in Herx reactions. I will be switching in a couple of days to another drug (can’t remember the name, and that is with the memory improving ;-), and as I recall the new one will cross the blood-brain barrier. I suppose a good one to end the IV therapy.