Sep 042010

Based on what I have heard I expect the change to Shoemaker to be a significant change in protocol. I am used to taking antibiotics like Chiclets but I believe Shoemaker is a short-course antibiotic therapy doctor. If that is true for him than I am sure I am done with my antibiotics while under his care. That is certainly one thing to be very thankful for. I think his focus is on removing the toxins, lyme, etc., from your body.

To be fair I had been taking antibiotics and not seeing any improvement. I saw an initial significant improvement and then it just stopped. I continued with the antibiotics for a while hoping it would put me over the edge, but it never did. I quit all treatment because it was not helping. I hope this change makes some needed additional progress.

As it notes on his website he uses cholestyramine (CSM) to help remove the toxins from your body. I have taken CSM before and felt better while taking it. I stopped the CSM for a number of reasons. First, I was prescribed CSM to improve my contrast resolution, but I never saw a noticeable improvement. 😉 Secondly, CSM is somewhat vile to take. Lastly, I grew tired of having to coordinate taking it at an odd time safely distant from my antiepileptics. As a bonus the CSM constipation went away. I think you may need to live on prunes while taking CSM,

Jun 042010

I had my annual neuro visit. This time I was curious about the loss visual contrast sensitivity. The last time I saw my LLMD, and he tested my contrast, he put me on two scoops of Cholestyramine. That is one nasty drug (definitely need to stir it in warm water). The CSM did not seem to make much of a difference, but did have a positive effect on other things. I dropped the CSM. I went to see an ophthalmologist at my optometrists recommendation (he did not think my vising corrected well enough). The ophthalmologist without testing my contrast sensitivity deemed it normal aging (how the old fool came to that conclusion we may never know). My neuro did not agree but offered no suggestions. He said I need to go see a neuro-ophthalmologist.

What makes the contrast problem different from every other problem is that it is constant. The Lyme/MS issues would/will come and go, but this does not change. Do I have another doctor in me?