Jun 102005

Colds = Not quite the chills with shivering but still being quite cold.

This is what I got to enjoy last night after my Rebif injection. Apparently caused by my gluttony at CiCi’s for dinner. I had forgotten that large amounts of cheese (or any milk product) will results in the chills/colds otherwise I might have toned it down a little. Ah who am I kidding I was gonna get my money’s worth, and that meant a lot of cheese and pepperoni!!! πŸ˜‰ I still have no clue why I can’t just sleep through being cold/having this chills. Especially this episode where I just woke-up so I could lay there cold for 30 minutes. In my dazed state in the middle of the night I think it took me almost 15 minutes (literally) to figure out why I was cold.

Mar 022005

I woke up in the middle of the night last night to take care of a child who was sleeping like a baby. Which then prompted the second set of chills for the night, the first being from the Rebif, because I was running a 102.6ΒΊ fever (39.22ΒΊ Celsius). A quick trip to the Dr. and I get the diagnosis of the flu. A real bummer since I got the flu shot. πŸ™ They about had to do CPR when I picked up the Tamiflu and got the bill for that. I certainly don’t feel that sick! It’s going from bad to worse as my wife has now gotten sick, and the kids are probably close on her heels. It gets ugly when my wife and I are both sick, but this is delving quickly into a much worse place! πŸ™

Nov 082004

I’ve been meaning to followup to MDMHVONPA’s comment on my Chills Last Night post suggesting that the chills from the Rebif are an interaction with my body’s chemistry. I am heavily leaning towards agreeing with him – even before he wrote that. (Does anyone disagree with MDMHVONPA? -well other than the left wing “weiners” πŸ˜‰ My big suspicion is that my body disliked me getting off schedule – like I did this time – and was punishing me for it (damn body and CNS). I guess we’ll have to wait until the next time I get off schedule to be sure. It is certainly motivation to stay on track!

Nov 032004

I stay up until 1:00am CST last night waiting for the presidential election results – much too late and I should have known better. I finally gave up and went to bed hoping for a good nights sleep before the alarm went off – but that didn’t happen. I am very surprised that I got the chills from the Rebif because it has been months since the last time this has happened (and before that it was an even longer period of probably 6 months!) so it really took me off guard. The MS Lifelines nurse told me that this is usually caused by a contraindication with something that I came into contact with (i.e. consumed). There were a number of things that were out of the ordinary last night but this was the first time I’ve had the chills since the nurse mentioned the contraindication issue so I have nothing to compare it to. At least I have made a note of all of the things that were out of the ordinary so if/when this happens again I can narrow down the cause. Hopefully it isn’t from the Pizza Hut pizza that I was eating while watching the election coverage.

Aug 152004

Last night I got really bad chills from the injection that lasted about an hour. Of course it woke me up at 3:00 in the morning so I could enjoy that experience – why can’t I just sleep through it. Then two hours later I wake up because I’m baking my brains and coated in sweat. Not to say I wasn’t coated in sweat when I was having this chills as I was completely under the comforter (head and all) and my wife was cuddled up with me – but I certainly didn’t feel hot. My assured me that when she was cuddled up I was an oven and was sweating a little. I’m not surprised that I got this chills/sweats because I got my injection in the arm (which always takes with it addition risks of side effects) and then I proceeded to sleep on that arm (not the most comfortable of choices but I was asleep – I have no idea why that pressure makes the side effects more likely and/or more intense). I guess I was destined to have the chills/sweats with getting the injection in my arm and then sleeping on it – ugh. These side effects really beg some questions – I think I’ll give MS Lifelines a call on Monday to see if they have some answers:


  • What is the Interferon beta 1-a (Rebif) doing to cause these side effects? -or what mechanism is causing these side effects?
  • Why are some injection locations more prone to side effects than other sites?
  • Why are side effects exacerbated by having pressure on the injection site for long periods.

I’m skeptical that they will be able to provide any answers but we’ll see. The best choice would be to ask the neuro but I’ve usually got some many higher priority questions that occupy all of the time. I’m sure I could spend a full day with him asking neurological and MS questions but I don’t see that happening too soon.