May 182016

Do not worry I am sure the treatment is still available.

Eriksgirl brought up recently that they might have found the cure for MS. It has to do with iron, the brain, etc. I told her that I am familiar with the treatment, and that I wrote about CCSVI. I also felt that CCSVI would not work. It is not well if even Eriksgirl will not read the blog! 🙂 The blog is mostly for me as a reference point so all is well.

After my talk with Eriksgirl I felt compelled to look up CCSVI to see where it stood today. Apparently, this is not new news but CCSVI is dead. I cannot say that I am surprised. I stand by what I said in my original post when writing on CCSVI that I liked that it was a novel treatment, and not suppress the immune system treatment all over again. Kudos to Zamboni for thinking outside of the box.

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Aug 252012

Hardy any time passes before I see an article about someone signing up for a CCSVI trial or another trial proves it does not work. I was looking at my original objection to CCSVI today and was shocked that it has been three years. I am not surprised that the treatment is not working. How long will it take before they give this dead horse a break. The one thing I am very pleased with about CCSVI is that it was a new thought to MS. We need a lot more fresh thought brought in if any progress is going to be made. I give kudos to those willing to do the trial, but I think this one has run its course.

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Dec 292011

As I have posted before on the CCSVI issue, I think it is extremely unlikely that blood vessels are the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. While this is not new news I did see an article saying the same thing. Or paraphrasing their words we are getting a lot of evidence to support that there is no evidence to support CCSVI as a cause for Multiple Sclerosis. I am sure there are some cases where the veins are an issue, but those are few and far between, and that would not be Multiple Sclerosis but some other disorder. NMSS is continuing to investigate what I would have considered a dead end project but their views are a little different (maybe it’s hard to turn away grant money?). Reading through some of their early findings the control group had a significant amount of CCSVI too. What we learn from this is that almost everyone has CCSVI, and needs to eat better.

Nov 292009

This comment pointed out a new theory as to the cause and a treatment for MS. I do like that people are looking for a root cause rather than the very expensive treatments that are moderately affective for MS. That said his research has some problems to overcome

  1. It is caused by high iron but MS strikes more females. Female tend to battle getting enough iron before menopause.
  2. If he is relying on CCSVI as an explanation why does this happen to women more than men
  3. He is also failing to prove that iron is the cause it may be something else related to poor circulation
  4. Or the circulation issue may be a caused by what is causing the MS

Not that Lyme is all MS cases but Lyme does cause demylination and it does affect circulation. Some other type of stealth pathogen seems more reasonable to me; especially after what Dr. Zamboni has found here with the circulation.

What I really dislike is the NMSS response. They consistently rebuff new directions of research and alternative therapies while continuing to push to core drugs. They are almost an advertising branch for some of their big contributors.