Aug 062014

As I posted before, I was diagnosed with Lyme late 2013.  I believe I have had LYME for over 20 years and know that it will be difficult to be completely LYME free.  I am convinced that I must build and protect my immune system.  I believe that treatments should include both conventional and alternative.  I began aggressive treatment December 30, 2013.    I took heavy antibiotics and anti-malaria medications through April of 2013.  At that time, I retested for LYME with the I-spot test.   The test showed that all of the heavy medications were doing their job and the LYME Spot count was 75% lower.  It was at that time that I decided to move away from Antibiotics and heavy medications.  They had brought me so far, but in the process had caused candida and gut issues.  I read Bryan Rosner’s book  “The Top Ten Treatments for LYME” and began to read up on RIFE frequency treatments.

I am lucky to have a alternative Chiropractor in my town of Littleton Colorado, who has had great results with RIFE for LYME and other bacterial infections.   He is able to do dermal scans to get an idea of bug load and location.  I then sit at his office for a fee and use the Rife frequency treatments.   I generally sit for 30-60 minutes each week.  I am now just taking Grapefruit seed extract Probiotics Krill , magnesium Vitamin B, CoQ10 and alpha lopic acid.  I take Kavinase for anxiety when I need it.  I also began drinking LIMU which is a interesting sea food product with Focoidan.

I have not purchased one, but may consider someday.  The machine he uses is called Wellness Pro  and run about $3800. I can’t afford to lay out that much money at one time.

I absolutely have seen improvement.  Last week, I felt as though I was catching a cold and I went into the office and used the rife machine for 30 minutes. Then sat in a Infrared Sauna to detox.   I felt better that afternoon.  I continue to have more consistent good days.

It is a marathon, not a sprint.  But, I take each take and try to enjoy especially when I feel good, which is more frequent now!

Praise GOD!


Oct 262007

My attempt to avoid taking the medication failed, and last night I started Diflucan. Originally, I thought I had made some progress since the yeast had gotten better on my tongue, but Eriksgirl noted it had spread to my cheeks. As I had said before there were other natural things to try, but I am too tired to fight. Lets hope the kidneys can hang in there!

Oct 102007

Eriksgirl noted a few days ago that my tongue looked pretty white. Normally, that should have registered as a yeast problem, but I never even went and looked for myself. When I was at the doctor the other day they did a mouth culture (I did the swabbing; no mouth violating here 😉 to check for yeast; after looking in the mirror later what was the point of the swab. Regardless, I was shocked when she came back and said I had a yeast problem. I have been taking my probiotic (Acidophilus and Bifidus) correctly, and have been on relatively low doses of antibiotics so I thought the chance of a yeast infection was low. I am left to assume so antibiotics are much worse than others. Regardless, I now have a yeast problem.

Progressing on, the doctor’s office solution was to take a probiotic (already doing that, and a relatively “high dose” one at that) and to prescribe an anti-fungal (Diflucam). I admit that I know very little about the anti-fungals but I seem to recall hearing that they are hard on your liver (and maybe your kidneys). This is above and beyond the issue of cost (which is an issue) and I am about “pilled-out.” What I am doing instead is what worked well in the past. I am opening the probiotic capsule and emptying it in my mouth (it tastes like white flour, so not too bad). The idea is to let the good bacteria take care of the problem (unfortunately, I can’t remember where I heard of the suggestion to do this and give credit). The other thought is that the capsule that I was ingesting wasn’t really helping because the yeast in my mouth would immediately trickle back down. Combining this treatment with cutting out some sugar (e.g. Sunkist Orange, my new vice) should fix the problem without adding a nasty, expensive drug. Of course, I have a few other tricks before having to take the drug, but I really don’t think it will come to that.

Jan 312007

Another exacerbation. In addition to the fatigue I have been having some balance issues, some pain in my arm (low level, burning pain; and only from a light touch), and an increase/resurgence of my tremor. On a side note, this type of pain is the most common type of exacerbation that I have, and typically affects the arms or legs. Recently, I also went through a period of sleeping very lightly; which certainly didn’t help the fatigue. And probably related, it seems like I have bounced from one infection to another for a while, and maybe that is why I am in yet another exacerbation. Of course, and for the first time, the antibiotics have given me an horrible case of thrush (and how can we forget the case of my MS was “cured” by getting rid of the Candida). So now on top of not being able to drink caffeine I really need to quit drinking sugary beverages (A&W Root beer) since the Nystatin anti-fungal liquid (for 7 days [and it tastes awful], and hopefully I didn’t just do in my liver with that and Rebif) is having trouble getting it under control; and since I don’t care that much for plain water that means aspartame sweetened Kool-Aid (and that probably isn’t good for the MS either ;-).