Aug 042009

As I was flipping through my latest copy of MS Connection the headline “New Study Reports Reduced Overall Cancer Risk in Patients with MS.” Of course reading the article this only applies to “several” cancers and “particularly” women. Odd.

What I found most interesting is the higher incidence of brain cancer in people with MS. As the article states the cause is unknown but they note: “may relate to the increased surveillance and diagnostic workups such as MRI that people with MS are more likely to have compared to those without MS.” If the MRI can give you brain cancer so can your cell phone. Everone “knows” that cells phones don’t give brain tumors why entertain that MRI’s can. What I find most interesting is leaving the MS treatment drugs off as a very likely culprit for causing cancer. Since we know that suppressing the immune response to the brain prevents the necessary immune response to cancer cells suppressing it could cause cancer. I should note that this is not new news that MS drugs cause cancer as I dismissed a study in 2005.