Jan 312007

Another exacerbation. In addition to the fatigue I have been having some balance issues, some pain in my arm (low level, burning pain; and only from a light touch), and an increase/resurgence of my tremor. On a side note, this type of pain is the most common type of exacerbation that I have, and typically affects the arms or legs. Recently, I also went through a period of sleeping very lightly; which certainly didn’t help the fatigue. And probably related, it seems like I have bounced from one infection to another for a while, and maybe that is why I am in yet another exacerbation. Of course, and for the first time, the antibiotics have given me an horrible case of thrush (and how can we forget the case of my MS was “cured” by getting rid of the Candida). So now on top of not being able to drink caffeine I really need to quit drinking sugary beverages (A&W Root beer) since the Nystatin anti-fungal liquid (for 7 days [and it tastes awful], and hopefully I didn’t just do in my liver with that and Rebif) is having trouble getting it under control; and since I don’t care that much for plain water that means aspartame sweetened Kool-Aid (and that probably isn’t good for the MS either ;-).

Dec 222006

Of all the problems with Multiple Sclerosis it was a dark day when I lost Dr. Pepper!

At the beginning of this exacerbation, about 6 weeks ago now, I noticed that Dr. Pepper was making my hands stiff, and Cherry Coke, etc. At first I suspected I was having an allergic reaction which was causing my problems, and possibly worsening the MS. After having identical problems with a single piece of chocolate, and other items, it became clear it was caffeine causing the problem.

Talking to the neurologist he hadn’t heard specifically of caffeine causing problems, but he listed off another drug that he used to prescribe for acute motor issues that would greatly exacerbate any sensory issues (and no I have no idea what the drug was). He thought that the CNS stimulant aspect of caffeine was causing a similar problem, but not doing any damage. Good that there is no damage, but bad that it causes problems. At this point, as I heal, the caffeine/Dr. Pepper has a lesser impact (on the rare times I consume it), but the negative is that somewhere along the line it is causing a bit of dizziness, and a sense of mental disconnect (worse when I am tired, which is easy without caffeine). I am happy that I am no longer a slave to the DP, but I am sure that I will get sucked back into the caffeine slavery at some future point when I am fully out of the exacerbation, and not having the side-effects (and I’m sure eriksgirl will want to kill me for that ;-).

Feb 182005

I was thinking the other day, as I was listening to some story about a heroine addict, that I get all of the pain from an injection without any of the fringe benefits. Nobody is going to be a Rebif abuser, it hurts yet doesn’t make you happy. Hence, I propose that Serano should sell additives to Rebif to make it more appealing/addictive. It would be so much easier to take when I was โ€œforcedโ€ to take my Rebif hit, or just because I wanted my Rebif hit (hey I can quit anytime I want to! ;-). Plus, this has the added advantage of additional revenue for Serano. They would still ship you the base Rebif product, but then provide โ€œadd-onsโ€ that you could pull into the syringe as needed. Here are a couple of my product ideas:

  • Caff-Rebif: When you just need that extra kick to get you going. It would definitely get me to switch to taking Rebif in the morning! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Meth-Rebif: When the caffeine just isn’t doing the trick anymore and you definitely need a bigger kick to get you going.
  • Canna-Rebif: When you think your memory couldn’t get any worse, and don’t mind the munchies, but want to abate some of the MS symptoms without having to smoke something.
  • LSD-Rebif: When you just need a break from reality.
  • Val-Rebif: When you’re just too wound up and need a little valium to take the edge off. I definitely could have used this when I found out about this year’s insurance! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Ari-Rebif: When you need a little extra clarity that only Aricept can provide.

Of course there truly are endless possibilities. Sadly, I don’t see any of these hitting the shelves anytime soon. Maybe someone needs to start a DIY site to make your own additives. ๐Ÿ˜‰