Oct 092007

The long pause in posting has been due to waiting to get into a new doctor. Certainly I was irritated over a couple of the recent things that had gone on with the previous doctor, but mostly I wanted someone closer than Pennsylvania. Close is still a relative term since the new doctor is about five hours away. I knew of this doctor before traveling to PA, he came highly recommended, and many in Dallas go to him; the concern, at the time, was if I had a large herx reaction what do we do, and who do we see since the doctor is so far away (as it turns out there has never been a herx even close to that severe).

Being a first visit I treated it more as a meet and greet (see if we liked him, which we did), and did not have my long list of questions. My big concern was that he agree that I had Lyme, etc., which he did (The hassle of having Lyme and the disease being dismissed all the time makes you a little paranoid), and have a good treatment protocol. He liked the previous protocol I had been on, and he is resuming where the treatment had stopped. He also was happy with the progress that I had made it such a short duration. I’m sure I’ll have have a litany of questions for the next time, like about the symptoms I am having now; but that can wait a month. There have been changes to the medications, but I will have to post those later since the list is not in front of me, and not that interesting.

Side Note: What I never got around to posting was that I never resumed the Levaquin after David’s post (I had only taken one pill as of my post so I wasn’t that into taking the drug again). I was heavily leaning that way anyway, and maybe the comment pushed me over the edge. Regardless, the doctor does not have me on the Levaquin for the current round of treatment; wanting to focus of the Lyme and Babesia for now.

Aug 092007

The CD-57 went from a 63 to a 51. A 12 point hit wasn’t the vote of improvement I was hoping to see. Of course there are a number of reasons that I can think of to cause this, and it is just possible that it fluctuates during the treatment process.

  • I took a medication that didn’t cross the blood-brain barrier for a month. This could have resulted in significant Lyme growth in the brain. On the other hand I would think that Lyme wouldn’t exert that much of an immuno-suppressive force from the brain.
  • I stopped the Buhner protocol for a month because I failed to reorder the treatment. These treatments would have crossed the blood-brain barrier, and helped. I have resumed them now.
  • I read somewhere that a low CD-57 was not caused by Lyme alone, but required co-infections. It is possible that the treatment of the Babesia has caused a hit in the CD-57; and hopefully for a longer term gain.

The medical assistant that was doing the bandage change, etc. (yes, the one that took 3 hours) said that the important thing is to be feeling better (Her’s, as I recall, is a 17 after years of on and off treatment). While I am feeling better, and I agree that is important, it is most important that I get better. Of course CD-57 counts aren’t that well understood in Lyme, and their significance is therefore hard to measure; maybe I put too much of an emphasis on this one test. Regardless, this does make me want to take the Cat’s Claw to bump the numbers; plus if Lyme is suppressing this immune cell than I high could must be good for treatment.

Jul 312007

I developed a dry, hacking cough that would last a couple minutes after taking the Rocephin infusion (this started during the end of the Rocephin tenure which was a month ago). The cough got exponentially worse after starting Malarone (an anti-parasite targeting Babesia. I started Malarone a couple of weeks ago.) and would happen throughout the day. The coughing was continuing to grow worse as the days passed, and I grew concerned that the coughing was a side-effect of the Malarone. I was even more concerned that Malarone might be causing permanent damage, and I certainly don’t want the drugs adding to the Lyme damage, so I stopped for a couple of days until I could get a doctor consult. The cough got better during those couple of days, but was far from gone. It certainly was “proof” that the Malarone was impacting the cough. Today, after meeting with the doctor, he said the cough was a very common symptom of Babesia, and that people have the cough exactly as I described. I vaguely remember having a little cough (itchy thought with a dry cough) as a symptom of “Lyme”, but not nearly as bad as the present cough. The doctor said that the increased severity of co-infection symptoms is to be expected because the Lyme tends to take precedence over any other co-infections, and now that the Lyme has gotten better the co-infections (and their die-off?) can be felt and start to take precedence. Returning back to the Malarone today has returned the cough with a vengeance; making this the most irritating, though not the worst, symptom I have ever had. In all if this is a sign of improved Lyme, etc. than it is good, and worth the irritation.

Side Note: Very late, but I went and got blood drawn for another CD-57 so I should know next week whether the number has jumped significantly.