Oct 172007

and yes it really is that red.

The new LLMD prescribed 3000mcg of injectable B12 twice a week to help with the fatigue. I mentioned to him that I had been taking a B100 vitamin. He said that the B12 did not absorb well through the intestines; which I had heard before (but I figured it absorbed some, and it helped, so it was better than nothing, and no one was offing IM B12). Regardless, while I was tired of the fatigue I also was not looking forward to taking a new injection; and the Rebif was at least subcutaneous. An intramuscular injection, in my mind, equated to the tetanus shots that I used to get as a child, which would hurt for a long time. Eventually, I gave myself the injection and a few hours later felt massively better. Better than I have felt in a very long time. The injection also went very well; the first time. Unfortunately, the second time I did the injection it went badly, and I can only assume I did something wrong (at least I hope the tetanus shot pain is not normal). Maybe if I had gotten some B12/IM injection training I would be better (or had been taking Avonex ;-). I did take the second injection in the evening (last night), but today I am once again feeling great, and no nasty side-effects like the Provigil gives me.

Sep 082007

I started having significant pain (Level >7) in my right-toe shortly after starting the Levaquin. I’d had the problem before and thought this was just a sign that the Levaquin was doing its job. Unfortunately, on going to the doctor he said that it is not Lyme, but Gout. I was in disbelief for a while that I have one more problem; but with the area being red and swollen it seemed to make sense. Interestingly I had let myself run out of B100, and had not taken one in a couple of weeks. Now I wonder if my body requires the B100 to control the uric acid. Between the Hydrocodone for pain and the 500mg of Naproxen for the swelling I was doing better pretty quickly. Most interesting is that the Gout explains all of the joint pain meaning the Lyme has hit me 100% neurologically. So far the B100 and Vitamin C I take seem to help with the Gout, hopefully it can be controlled with those, a better diet, and drinking more.