Nov 202012

Back in February I was contacted by someone wanting to discuss my MS condition and when I was born, etc. In my post I noted that Ron the astrologer predicted a flare up, with no personal information from me. Maybe he is psychic too. 😉

Apparently per this article Ron was onto something. Neurologists now links birth month to your risk for getting MS. Paraphrasing the article if you are a Aries or Taurus you are in trouble, but if you are a Scorpio or Sagittarius you should be fine. No doubt some time soon your neurologist will use Tarot cards for treatment and diagnosis. I eagerly await my reading.

Less scandalously this is just another Vitamin D study and linking it back to pregnancy. I am all for blaming my parents but this is a bit of old news.

Feb 242012

Astrology: the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs. (Other than solar flares causing problems with orbiting satellites that ends up interrupting communication I am not a believer in Astrology.)

I get a lot of emails related to the blog. Lately it has been about selling stuff (probably worthy of its own post), but then there was a break when I got an email from Ron Stewart. He wanted to discuss his theory that neurological diseases are caused by the movements of the Sun and Moon. Ron noted we are entering one of those extreme points now and people with MS can expect a significant exacerbation.

The flare ups are mathematically connected to early gestation with the same algorithm which describes the lunar EXTREME points of perigee and apogee of the moon. ( time each year when the moon is closest/furthest to Earth) which is the same algorithm which describes the movement of the Sun to EXTREME barycenter points. ( that is , at those points the Sun is furthest from the center of gravity of the Solar System.)

We are entering such a point now, with several peaks in sight, notably the first week of March through at least the first week of May and probably until the end of the year.

If you do not understand the quote do not feel bad, neither do I. At first it sounded like simple Astrology (if it is ever simple) and being born a Leo or Taurus can be hard with Multiple Sclerosis, but then he started talking about birth year. If birth year is important that sounds more like the Chinese Zodiac, and in the end who really wants to be the monkey or the pig.

From the beginning Ron had asked for my date of birth for research purposes. I had ignored that request, but when I requested permission to post a transcript of the emails he would only agree if I gave him my birth date. I denied because that was too much information, and he replied “They, ( you) are also tending to paranoia. What in the world do you think I could do with your D.O.B? In fact, if I wanted to exert the effort, I could have it in short order. ( I don’t and I won’t).” (They in this context was the left brained people, not the traditional right and left brained this is something new)

To those still reading I do not know what the bad signs are (e.g. Leo, Taurus, Monkey, or Snake) but I hope you were not born under one. After posting this I will email Ron so he can comment. Maybe you can get him to do a reading for you to see if you were born under a bad star, or moon (as I have the CCR song going through my head).