Rebif Injection Pictures


Fortunately most people will never get to see a Rebif needle so I took some pictures of mine so people could quell any curiosity.  Some details on the needle are:

  • 27 gauge (I think that is .0164 inches)
  • .5 inch long
  • 5ml of fluid
  • 44 mcg (micro grams) of medication

No surprise this is a picture of an unopened box:

This is a picture of the inside of a new box with all 12 injections (4 week supply).  All syringes are individually packaged.  They are needle side up in this picture so you are looking at the top of the cap.

This is a picture of the syringe out of the box.  This is a used needle as you see the plunger all the way at the end.  I wanted to get a picture of a new needle but those pictures, for whatever reason, came out blurry.  I recapped the needle so other than no medication being in it this is exactly what it looks like.

This is a picture of the syringe after I have given myself the injection so the plunger is all the way at the end.  The needle is .5 inches, as mentioned above, so it isn’t very long.

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  1. i have 2 injections left i have no phone working at this time

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