Radiology Report 6/19/14


Radiology Report (6/19/14 – After Seizure)

It has been over four years since my last MRI. I only got this one because Eriksgirl was with me after my last seizure and she was asking questions about why this one was different. He said that he cannot say without a MRI so off I go. My bet is that when I do go back he still will not be able to say. 🙁 Regardless as you can see not much has changed.




History of multiple sclerosis.



MR brain dated 6/3/10.


Multiplanar, multisequence images of the whole brain were obtained without and with the administration of 10 mL Gadavist intravenous contrast.


Multiple IFLAIR signal hyper intense lesions are again identified throughout the periventricular and subcortical white matter, many of which are oriented perpendicular to the ventricles and compatible with the patient’s known history of multiple sclerosis.

Since the prior examination dated 6/3/10, there has been interval mild to moderate progression of these lesions, many of which have incrased in size and have become more confluent in overall appearance
when co pared to prior MRI.

The most conspicuous new lesions are located within the medial right cerebellar hemisphere, reference series 7, image 11, with either new or more conspicuous lesion within the brain stem, reference series 7, image 9.

In contrast to prior examination, there is no significant pathologic enhancement associated with any of these lesions to suggest sequela of active inflammation.

The ventricles and sulci are appropriate for the patient’s given age

No hemohage, hydrocephalus or midline shift. No· restricted diffusion to suggest acute ischemic injury. Major intracranial vessels remain intact.

No acute imaging abnormality involving the orbits or paranasal sinuses.


Mild to moderate progression of multiple T2/FLAIR signal hyperintense lesions within the periventricular and subcortical white matter, compatible with progressive demyelinating disease.

Many of these lesions are larger and more confluent when compared to prior MRI dated 6/3/10.

Conspicuus development of new lesions within the right cerebellum and brain stem, as above.

No patholgic enhancement within these lesions or elsewhere within the brain parenchyma to suggest active inflammation.

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