Jul 202016

Dammit, and I thought for certain the itching was gone for good. I look at the date on the post and think time flies and it still has not been long enough for the itching.

This time the itching is a little different in that the itching started after the third dose (1g each) of solu-medrol. Because of the steroids and the fact that they can cause itching I played a mental game for a while as to what was causing the itching. I thought there are good reasons why it is better if it is the steroids. Importantly, I will quickly end the steroids and the problem should stop. Also, if the steroids are making me itch that is at least a cause which beats neurotically scratching with no cause. I just have this mental picture of me in straight jacket in the psych ward because of my crazy itching. 🙁

Sadly, I do not think it is the steroids causing the crazy itching. Here are a few of the reasons that I think most point to a multiple sclerosis issue:

  • The itching is at the same location as it was 12 years ago, my left arm. That said it is now in my right arm a little too.
  • The itching is exacerbated by heat. Usually some of my worst itching is at night while I am warm under the blankets. I can mitigate, get rid of, the itching by moving out from the blanket.
  • Itching never relieves the itch.
  • The itch seems to come from deep under the skin.

I know people posted lots of useful tips on dealing with MS itching in the original post above. Now I have some reading to do. Thank you for all of your suggestions and tips.

Adding insult to injury I have now scratched too much! Eriksgirl noted today that not only do I have an injury from scratching, but that it is infected. Eriksgirl banned me from itching the one site on my arm, better to just throw me in ice bath to curtail the need! Now I get to go my family doctor about possible cellulitis. Maybe a take away could be before neurotically itching be sure to hibicleans the site, your hands, and clean out from underneath your nails. 😉

Itching cellulitis multiple sclerosis

Eriksgirl marked lines on the swelling/infection to track to see if it was spreading. A few hours later the infection had spread

Jul 172016

Another exacerbation another round of Solu-medrol. I will get into the exacerbation in another post.

Dr. fail in ordering the medicines. He ordered everything but something to treat the stomach acid. I suppose it is also my fault since I knew I was going to get this treatment and I am the one feeling the burn. Fortunately Eriksgirl thought to check the pharmacy from my last treatment and there was a remaining refill.

IV with the the Solu-medrol waiting to be mixed

IV with the the Solu-medrol waiting to be mixed

Another difference this time is that the pharmacy did not mix the medicine in the bag Bandageleaving I decided to take a different tack this time so rather than a new needle each day go with an IV needle. I am normally a great stick but I think the Solu-medrol does bad things to the veins. Regardless the nurse was great and put on one of the best bandages I have ever had