Apr 252015

There’s a nap for that.

Lately I have been battling fatigue well beyond what is normal, and what I can blame on the kids. I think it is just a normal sickness because Eriksgirl is suffering from it too (maybe it really is the kids 🙂 Kids are always bringing stuff home so hopefully that is all this is.

All that aside Eriksgirl may just be tired from the “sleep curse” she has had as long as I have known her. I asked her if someone put a http://www.atletipercaso.net/8105/storie-yolanda-gail-devers-la-volonta-oltre-la-malattia#voodoo spell on her and she did not know. As I was thinking way back to 1993 there was an incident for her where there was a lady that came into Grandy’s and Ike, the manager, insisted loudly, I was not there, “she is a witch!” I was told she had long nails, I think longer than Gail Devers (Ike probably never liked Gail Devers either). Maybe it was the witch and she cursed both of them! 😉

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  1. I checked with Eriksgirl and the “Witch’s” nails were much longer. Eriksgirl said the “witch” was going for the world record, but they looked bad. She said her nails were all curled up more like this. Not a great look. 🙁

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