Nov 292014

Glass of MilkSo I was browsing the web and I came across an article discussing a “relationship” between drinking cow’s milk and MS. This whole study sounds like it was funded by vegans/vegetarians. On a plus side your eating of cheese, butter, and yogurt is fine.

On a personal note I probably drink 32 ounces (.95 liters) of 2% milk most mornings. In fact if we had whole milk I would choose that, but Eriksgirl picks up the milk. 😉 I do not see any adverse affects from my milk drinking and find it to be a quick tasty breakfast.

When I get called in by a market research group it is usually to talk about MS in some specific context, but a few weeks ago I was called in to discuss our family’s milk purchasing habits. It reality though the study was about a drink I deemed it like Yoo-hoo which isn’t 100% milk but they said is better than milk and taste just like it. I told them to put Yoo-hoo on my cereal it would need to be significantly cheaper because I am too used to regular milk. Then a couple days after the study Eriksgirl points me to a story about Coke going into the “dairy” business, but their “Milk” will cost twice as much. I am not a fan of skim milk but I am sure I will probably give it a try for fun. Maybe Coke can make their Milk beverage MS friendly. 🙂

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  1. There are so many thoughts on what could cause M.S. And we could all just share what we’ve heard until we’re blue in the face but it won’t help us folks who already have it. But I have found something that will help you, it’s developing of new Nero pathways. These new pathways are developed by learning new skills or hobby’s, it’s proven to stimulate new Nero Pathways bridging the old damaged pathways from M.S. Lesions. That simple, no pills just learn how to paint, draw, sculpt ect. I have been helped grately by this simple approach and My MRI is so dense with lesions, they can no longer count them. So if this can help me who’s legally fried and disabled, it really can help you too!

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