Oct 152014
Coconut Water

The coconut water I found in my fridge that I say has almost no flavor.

I open the fridge one day and I see this carton of coconut water so I ask Eriksgirl. She says that it is very healthy, from what she has read, and she saw it at the store. She goes on to tell me it is in the list of the worst things she has every consumed. Adding to that she said none of our kids liked it either, but she confessed that she probably poisoned the well with her reaction. Now this has me intrigued normally I would not have tried the coconut water but Eriksgirls reaction is a positive mark that it will not be that way for me. I do not understand how Eriksgirl and I can agree on almost everything regarding food but if the taste sickens one of us it will not the other. That is why I asked her about the kids because there is one that mimics my tastes pretty closely and the same for her. Improbable they all had the same reaction so we are back to her poising the well. So I grab the jug and gulp some down. The coconut water was in no way repulsive though it did have a light, somewhat familiar taste that I still have not placed. In no way did the coconut water taste like a coconut which I think is what Eriksgirl was expecting. Coconut water was effectively a win for me the taste was tasteless/OK/tolerable and it is healthy, but I do not expect to ever see it again. 😉

As an after note I followed up with the child whose tastes most match mine. She confessed she did not care for the coconut water but it was not awful. It was closer to no taste at all, like me lightly flavored water.

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