Aug 232014

As I was recently pondering “do I really need to take my seizure medication. Surely I am better now.” As it turns out I am not better and once again another seizure from forgotten medication. Fortunately I made it to church safely with my children and my wife noticed me acting weird just before the seizure. Stemming to my early days she asked me a simple addition question and I think I immediately seized. Because she was next to me she able to “gently” lay me on the floor. Unfortunately like always I bit my tongue, and I think this was the worst time ever and I am still in the midst of recovering a week out. At least I was around good friends that helped me get back to the house. Eriksgirl says I respond well to her stern tone at this point when I do not no who she is nor who I am and I guess they were able to boss me to the car. The seizure took a huge mental toll on me and I forgot common items (passwords) that I had to work to dig them back up. Regardless, I simply returned back to my medicine and “get” the privilege of taking 6 months off from driving with Eriksgirl as my valet.

I realized writing about this seizure that I never wrote about the last seizure. The previous one was the worst for everybody else, for me they are all the same I do not remember anything but I bite my tongue and I suffer a loss of time. This time though, once again caused by missed medication, I seized while I was driving with the entire family in the van. Fortunately I curled up and Eriksgirl gently drove the van off the road. From this point on I do not drive if Eriksgirl is in the car. This was also the seizure that got dosage upped so I could withstand more missed doses before seizing because I only missed 2 before seizing this time.

With the last seizure it is fully my fault but I had grown complaisant and moved away from the pill box. I am now back on the pill box where Eriksgirl can second verify, if she likes, that I have taken them. On the plus side at the end of the 6m Eriksgirl should be a better driver from all the driving suggestions I’ll offer along the way. 😉

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