Aug 232014

As I was recently pondering “do I really need to take my seizure medication. Surely I am better now.” As it turns out I am not better and once again another seizure from forgotten medication. Fortunately I made it to church safely with my children and my wife noticed me acting weird just before the seizure. Stemming to my early days she asked me a simple addition question and I think I immediately seized. Because she was next to me she able to “gently” lay me on the floor. Unfortunately like always I bit my tongue, and I think this was the worst time ever and I am still in the midst of recovering a week out. At least I was around good friends that helped me get back to the house. Eriksgirl says I respond well to her stern tone at this point when I do not no who she is nor who I am and I guess they were able to boss me to the car. The seizure took a huge mental toll on me and I forgot common items (passwords) that I had to work to dig them back up. Regardless, I simply returned back to my medicine and “get” the privilege of taking 6 months off from driving with Eriksgirl as my valet.

I realized writing about this seizure that I never wrote about the last seizure. The previous one was the worst for everybody else, for me they are all the same I do not remember anything but I bite my tongue and I suffer a loss of time. This time though, once again caused by missed medication, I seized while I was driving with the entire family in the van. Fortunately I curled up and Eriksgirl gently drove the van off the road. From this point on I do not drive if Eriksgirl is in the car. This was also the seizure that got dosage upped so I could withstand more missed doses before seizing because I only missed 2 before seizing this time.

With the last seizure it is fully my fault but I had grown complaisant and moved away from the pill box. I am now back on the pill box where Eriksgirl can second verify, if she likes, that I have taken them. On the plus side at the end of the 6m Eriksgirl should be a better driver from all the driving suggestions I’ll offer along the way. ūüėČ

Aug 132014

The Rife machines do come with books that explain which frequency to use for different infections.¬† My Chiropractor charges a minimal fee for the use of his machine.¬† He, or is assistant, programs in the frequency # based on what we are focusing on.¬† We have used in for LYME, all of the co-infections, candida, and even cold symptoms.¬† It works, to bring the bug load down.¬† But is not a one time fix.¬† That is the frustrating part.¬† You have to go multiple times.¬† As we know, LYME spirochettes travel and hide.¬† I wish I could say I am done, but, I will be going this Friday for another treatment. ¬† I hope to spread treatments out to twice monthly soon.¬† The costs add up and it does take time.¬† I am still trying to decide if I should save money and have a rife frequency machine¬† in my home.¬† But, they run around $3,000 to $4,000.¬† I can’t do that right now,

Aug 062014

As I posted before, I was diagnosed with Lyme late 2013.¬† I believe I have had LYME for over 20 years and know that it will be difficult to be completely LYME free.¬† I am convinced that I must build and protect my immune system.¬† I believe that treatments should include both conventional and alternative.¬† I began aggressive treatment December 30, 2013.¬†¬†¬† I took heavy antibiotics and anti-malaria medications through April of 2013.¬† At that time, I retested for LYME with the I-spot test.¬†¬† The test showed that all of the heavy medications were doing their job and the LYME Spot count was 75% lower.¬† It was at that time that I decided to move away from Antibiotics and heavy medications.¬† They had brought me so far, but in the process had caused candida and gut issues.¬† I read Bryan Rosner’s book¬† “The Top Ten Treatments for LYME” and began to read up on RIFE frequency treatments.

I am lucky to have a alternative Chiropractor in my town of Littleton Colorado, who has had great results with RIFE for LYME and other bacterial infections.   He is able to do dermal scans to get an idea of bug load and location.  I then sit at his office for a fee and use the Rife frequency treatments.   I generally sit for 30-60 minutes each week.  I am now just taking Grapefruit seed extract Probiotics Krill , magnesium Vitamin B, CoQ10 and alpha lopic acid.  I take Kavinase for anxiety when I need it.  I also began drinking LIMU which is a interesting sea food product with Focoidan.

I have not purchased one, but may consider someday.¬† The machine he uses is called Wellness Pro¬† and run about $3800. I can’t afford to lay out that much money at one time.

I absolutely have seen improvement.  Last week, I felt as though I was catching a cold and I went into the office and used the rife machine for 30 minutes. Then sat in a Infrared Sauna to detox.   I felt better that afternoon.  I continue to have more consistent good days.

It is a marathon, not a sprint.  But, I take each take and try to enjoy especially when I feel good, which is more frequent now!

Praise GOD!