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and it’s not Tilex!

I finally got around to reading about Tecfidera; Biogen’s newest drug to combat lesions in MS. The chemical they are using, dimethyl fumarate (DMF), is not a new one; they are just repackaging it. What I also found interesting is that the EU banned DMF for health reasons. That would concern me that the “active ingredient” was banned for health reasons. I guess that aside the reductions in relapses are pretty good though much like I said with Tysabri so would it be with arsenic.

I guess I do not understand why a researcher would look at this chemical, DMF, and think treatment for MS. It almost feels like this is the throwing darts at a wall and see what sticks. Who would have thought that your next MS drug came from your household cleaner. Furthermore, it appears that Biogen is only wrapping it in a fancy tablet for the nice price of about $55,000 (and yes I know about their $10 program that I am sure I would not qualify).

Also, I looked at the MSDS for DMF and the risks are pretty much identical to Tecfidera. The big difference is that Tecfidera has even more risks. Of course the usual of risk of infection and cancer but there are additional pregnancy risks too. I like how the drug is in Pregnancy Category C which is all ill effects have been seen in animals; of course because it has been recently released. It is ripe to be a Pregnancy Category X and lucky for you Biogen has a Pregnancy Registry with an 800 number setup to report problems during pregnancy.

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  1. This post is dead on. What really sucks is that it costs .00007 cents a year to treat an MS patient on this. They claim the 55k comes from research and blah blah blah, but the research was already done years ago. Like you said “they are re-packaging it”. I guess 50-60k is the sweet spot for MS drugs.

    Who would have though something that can keep your leather looking good can also can used for MS

  2. Dear Erik,
    I just read thru your site in a bit more detail, and am so sorry to hear of all the antibiotics and side effect causing medications your doctors gave you and that they caused seizures. I am sorry that you are not yet cured Please if you have not yet read the wonderful book Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner, do look it up, there is a whole site also,where they have followed his protocol and have had a good success rate of healing Lyme, tho it takes awhile.
    He recommends many high power herbs that are used in other countries. Lyme has been around hundreds of years and they have been studying it much longer then the US, where the doctors seem very imprevious to new and better ideas. It explains so much, about antibiotics, testing and all the many many symptoms its causes. It is super well reserched and goes into great detail about Lyme as well as the treatments for different problems within it, rather then one pill treats all like the antibiotics. Antibiotics are really meant for bacteria, they dont work for viruses nor for spirochetes that are adapted to actually hide from them.
    Please before you take any more super expensive and toxic drugs, look into the much less expensive and amazing ones he mentions! such as Stephania for eye problems, and Andrographis, Japanese Knotweed, Cats Claw and Smilax. May of these are both anti viral and antiparasitic, and anti spirochete.Many cross the blood brain barrier which is a good thing as Lyme can effect the brain and has been found in a good numbr of Alzheimers patients brains….. the brain symptoms can resemble Alzheimers. It may account for the rise in number of cases….
    I got Lyme in around 1992 when I moved to MIssouri and got thousands of tick bites, especially the tiny pinhead size seed ticks that would get on my shoe laces and crawl up my leg by the hundreds tho I coated myself in Deet. and didnt know what it was, had bad flu -that wasnt flu for a week, then memory and concentration problems, brain fog,weakness, and strangest of all weird floaters in my eyes which changed and moved. I thought I had gotten some fungus infection- which do invade the eyes. I had went to a local doctor for a Lyme test and he said unless you had a bullseye rash and had arthritis just on one side of your body, which i didnt have either -you didnt have it, so I was all researching towards fungus, took Fluconazole, ate fresh raw garlic sandwiches, felt strange.
    After 5 years or later, I gradually got letter.. The only reason I now realize I had Lyme was when I read this book by Buhner a year ago, and went Oh My Gosh.. The teltale thing was the floaters in eyes which is one of the symptoms of Lyme, and it and the collagen fluids of the joints are where the Lyme spirochetes like to live best.
    did order most all of the herbs as Lyme can reoccur, and I was still studying it when I read about Ivermectin being used in Africa for a disease that gets into the eyes, a filaria, and also causes other problems.I realized that Ivermection second had was probably what knocked out the Lyme in me. As I used it for years on my goats and dogs to kill ticks and worms, and I would drink the milk, and it will work second hand if within a day or so of use.
    So I was researching ivermectin and Lyme now and your site had it mentioned just briefly but it came up on the search because of that. Ivermectin is now used in people for something called scabies and now they have found that ticks also carry worms that can infect people! Geesh. Ivermection has very few side effects. I have a friend that possibly has had Lyme for years who has complained of funny tinglings and crawling feelings and thinks it is worms, but could be both. I told her about Ivermection for worms and took a dose of it myself to make sure it was OK. Didnt see any worms but it stay ins in the system for quite awhile and does its work slowly. I think they will come up with a new fancy medicine which is basically Ivermectin for Lyme, if they havent already. If you havent tried it, its worth a try.
    Wishing you the best, Annie

  3. Thank you so much for your blog, I was diagnosed with MS last year….and a month ago with Lyme. I am finishing up IV Rocephin (still also on Tecfidera). Steroids have left me in horrible shape but I have relapsed 6 times in the past year. I believe I have MS and Lyme – do you have both? My family reacted to the Lyme results as “oh, it was Lyme all along”……that would certainly be better as it is treatable, but even if that were the case I wonder if and permanent damage can happen from Lyme. Anyway I noticed that since posting about lyme you are talking about having MS too…..hoping someone out there can relate.

  4. If you have Lyme, or suspect Lyme, you have to deal with Lyme first. Lyme is the great impersonator and can look like a lot of other diseases. As for me I have been diagnosis with both Lyme and MS and have been treated for both. That does not mean I had both just that I received both diagnosis. I am doing fairly well now. Good luck!

    • Hi Erik. My experience has been very similar to yours and others in this blog. I have been searching for people who have been diagnosed with both MS and Lyme since I was diagnosed with both in 2012. I have been on Tecfidera for the past two years and hate all of the possible side effects from these drugs. However, I have also been experiencing a lot of symptoms for the past 6 months that could be from both MS and Lyme ( L’hermittes sign, numbness, internal vibrations, dizziness, weird neurological sensations, itching, hot flashes, head pressure, foot pain, etc). May I ask you what you did to treat both your MS and Lyme? I am really struggling and cant seem to get any relief! Thank you.

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