Dec 242014

Erik Sitting with SantaI assume Santa survived my sitting on his lap as he was begging me to get off. I took that as a great opportunity to leverage my position and see if I could get a lifetime pass off the naughty list. When he Ho Ho’s ANYTHING, ANYTHING I took that as I was going to be OK this year! 😉

I hope you have had a great year and Santa treats you well.

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Nov 292014

Glass of MilkSo I was browsing the web and I came across an article discussing a “relationship” between drinking cow’s milk and MS. This whole study sounds like it was funded by vegans/vegetarians. On a plus side your eating of cheese, butter, and yogurt is fine.

On a personal note I probably drink 32 ounces (.95 liters) of 2% milk most mornings. In fact if we had whole milk I would choose that, but Eriksgirl picks up the milk. 😉 I do not see any adverse affects from my milk drinking and find it to be a quick tasty breakfast.

When I get called in by a market research group it is usually to talk about MS in some specific context, but a few weeks ago I was called in to discuss our family’s milk purchasing habits. It reality though the study was about a drink I deemed it like Yoo-hoo which isn’t 100% milk but they said is better than milk and taste just like it. I told them to put Yoo-hoo on my cereal it would need to be significantly cheaper because I am too used to regular milk. Then a couple days after the study Eriksgirl points me to a story about Coke going into the “dairy” business, but their “Milk” will cost twice as much. I am not a fan of skim milk but I am sure I will probably give it a try for fun. Maybe Coke can make their Milk beverage MS friendly. 🙂

Nov 202014

Lyme spirochetes

For those who have been infected with Lyme we all owe a debt of gratitude to Willy Burgdorfer. His discovery of the spirochete in ticks paved the way for a cause of Lyme and for treatments.

I was talking with Eriksgirl and I was unsure if I would want my name to be associated with a bacteria/pathogen as an honer. She said at least it was not ebola and I was thinking at least it is not Lou Gehrig’s disease. 🙁

Oct 222014

I wanted to share some good news,

I just got test results back. My third I-spot test. It is showing that I am improving. The test has been progressively better each time. I started at a very high level of Antigen response in November 2013. I have improved by 90%. I know the retesting is expensive, but so are the treatments.  The test cost $340. I feel being able to see the numbers go down is a huge incentive and mind boost. It justifies the cost of treatment to know I am heading in the right direction.

I still have slow days. But, I am feeling so much better. Seeing the test results absolutely helps with my emotional state. It helps me to know that I am on the right path of healing. I am working on gut repair and overall health. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. With God’s help and Immune building therapies and diet, I plan on full remission!!

Oct 152014
Coconut Water

The coconut water I found in my fridge that I say has almost no flavor.

I open the fridge one day and I see this carton of coconut water so I ask Eriksgirl. She says that it is very healthy, from what she has read, and she saw it at the store. She goes on to tell me it is in the list of the worst things she has every consumed. Adding to that she said none of our kids liked it either, but she confessed that she probably poisoned the well with her reaction. Now this has me intrigued normally I would not have tried the coconut water but Eriksgirls reaction is a positive mark that it will not be that way for me. I do not understand how Eriksgirl and I can agree on almost everything regarding food but if the taste sickens one of us it will not the other. That is why I asked her about the kids because there is one that mimics my tastes pretty closely and the same for her. Improbable they all had the same reaction so we are back to her poising the well. So I grab the jug and gulp some down. The coconut water was in no way repulsive though it did have a light, somewhat familiar taste that I still have not placed. In no way did the coconut water taste like a coconut which I think is what Eriksgirl was expecting. Coconut water was effectively a win for me the taste was tasteless/OK/tolerable and it is healthy, but I do not expect to ever see it again. 😉

As an after note I followed up with the child whose tastes most match mine. She confessed she did not care for the coconut water but it was not awful. It was closer to no taste at all, like me lightly flavored water.

Oct 072014

I was reading a little about Biogen’s new drug anti-lingo-1 / BIIB033. While this is too early to call as the drug is in Phase 2 clinical trials I am sure we will see it on the market. I have to agree with this article that it is not specified how they are testing for remyelination. If there was a side benefit I would hope that the Anti-LINGO-1 would help with my tremor because there is a noted increase in LINGO-1 cells with people with essential tremor. I will take hopeful stance as this does appear to be promising candidate for remyelination.

As an addendum I did some additional searches and the MRI technique to measure remyelination does seem interesting. You can view some images in the presentation here along with some additional data about the drug.

Oct 022014

Five things to know first before you start SVT:

  • Don’t Do It! (as If you didn’t already know 😉
  • It hurts like Hell! (worst pain of my life!)
  • There will be other drugs that go with it (hope you’re not allergic to any of them!)
  • Make sure you are near a hospital with the appropriate drugs first
  • If you are going to go this route do not be a pansy get at least 4 or 5 “injections”
  • Did I mention it hurts!

Copperhead Much Bigger than the one that bit Me

I was bitten by a copperhead snake in June. The snake has gotten bigger with each retelling and I am sure I will eventually make it up to Titanoboa portions, but I will try to give one last accurate attempt. First, the picture here is much bigger than the snake that bit me; I just grabbed a picture from wikipedia I did not take a picture of the snake while it was biting, wrestling with ;-), me. I do think that the snake that bit me was a young copperhead, though I did not notice a different color on the tail nor did I take the time to get a ruler, etc.

I went outside to investigate a snake and upon seeing it deemed it ok for throwing over the fence. The snake quickly called out my ability to identify safe snakes by biting five times across both hands. After the first bite it was quickly clear it was a venomous snake because while not immediately a level 10 pain it quickly ramps up to a 10+ pain. It caused some bonus side effects like trouble walking, even though it was all in my hands, and disorientation (could be the pain). So eriksgirl called 911 and the paramedics arrived. The one treating me was apparently about as much as a snake expert as I am as he gave us the “good news” that it had to be a rat snake and not venomous because there are no venomous snakes where we live. He did think I should be checked out at a hospital because it is an animal bite. 🙁 All I wanted was pain medicine and I stil do not know how I did not go in the house and empty the entire bottle of Motrin, I am ambivalent if that was for the better or not more on that below. It seemed like hours, my judgment of time is probably a little off, but eriksgirl eventually got us going to the nearest hospital. Continue reading »

Aug 232014

As I was recently pondering “do I really need to take my seizure medication. Surely I am better now.” As it turns out I am not better and once again another seizure from forgotten medication. Fortunately I made it to church safely with my children and my wife noticed me acting weird just before the seizure. Stemming to my early days she asked me a simple addition question and I think I immediately seized. Because she was next to me she able to “gently” lay me on the floor. Unfortunately like always I bit my tongue, and I think this was the worst time ever and I am still in the midst of recovering a week out. At least I was around good friends that helped me get back to the house. Eriksgirl says I respond well to her stern tone at this point when I do not no who she is nor who I am and I guess they were able to boss me to the car. The seizure took a huge mental toll on me and I forgot common items (passwords) that I had to work to dig them back up. Regardless, I simply returned back to my medicine and “get” the privilege of taking 6 months off from driving with Eriksgirl as my valet.

I realized writing about this seizure that I never wrote about the last seizure. The previous one was the worst for everybody else, for me they are all the same I do not remember anything but I bite my tongue and I suffer a loss of time. This time though, once again caused by missed medication, I seized while I was driving with the entire family in the van. Fortunately I curled up and Eriksgirl gently drove the van off the road. From this point on I do not drive if Eriksgirl is in the car. This was also the seizure that got dosage upped so I could withstand more missed doses before seizing because I only missed 2 before seizing this time.

With the last seizure it is fully my fault but I had grown complaisant and moved away from the pill box. I am now back on the pill box where Eriksgirl can second verify, if she likes, that I have taken them. On the plus side at the end of the 6m Eriksgirl should be a better driver from all the driving suggestions I’ll offer along the way. 😉

Aug 132014

The Rife machines do come with books that explain which frequency to use for different infections.  My Chiropractor charges a minimal fee for the use of his machine.  He, or is assistant, programs in the frequency # based on what we are focusing on.  We have used in for LYME, all of the co-infections, candida, and even cold symptoms.  It works, to bring the bug load down.  But is not a one time fix.  That is the frustrating part.  You have to go multiple times.  As we know, LYME spirochettes travel and hide.  I wish I could say I am done, but, I will be going this Friday for another treatment.   I hope to spread treatments out to twice monthly soon.  The costs add up and it does take time.  I am still trying to decide if I should save money and have a rife frequency machine  in my home.  But, they run around $3,000 to $4,000.  I can’t do that right now,

Aug 062014

As I posted before, I was diagnosed with Lyme late 2013.  I believe I have had LYME for over 20 years and know that it will be difficult to be completely LYME free.  I am convinced that I must build and protect my immune system.  I believe that treatments should include both conventional and alternative.  I began aggressive treatment December 30, 2013.    I took heavy antibiotics and anti-malaria medications through April of 2013.  At that time, I retested for LYME with the I-spot test.   The test showed that all of the heavy medications were doing their job and the LYME Spot count was 75% lower.  It was at that time that I decided to move away from Antibiotics and heavy medications.  They had brought me so far, but in the process had caused candida and gut issues.  I read Bryan Rosner’s book  “The Top Ten Treatments for LYME” and began to read up on RIFE frequency treatments.

I am lucky to have a alternative Chiropractor in my town of Littleton Colorado, who has had great results with RIFE for LYME and other bacterial infections.   He is able to do dermal scans to get an idea of bug load and location.  I then sit at his office for a fee and use the Rife frequency treatments.   I generally sit for 30-60 minutes each week.  I am now just taking Grapefruit seed extract Probiotics Krill , magnesium Vitamin B, CoQ10 and alpha lopic acid.  I take Kavinase for anxiety when I need it.  I also began drinking LIMU which is a interesting sea food product with Focoidan.

I have not purchased one, but may consider someday.  The machine he uses is called Wellness Pro  and run about $3800. I can’t afford to lay out that much money at one time.

I absolutely have seen improvement.  Last week, I felt as though I was catching a cold and I went into the office and used the rife machine for 30 minutes. Then sat in a Infrared Sauna to detox.   I felt better that afternoon.  I continue to have more consistent good days.

It is a marathon, not a sprint.  But, I take each take and try to enjoy especially when I feel good, which is more frequent now!

Praise GOD!