Sep 302013

Pregnancy_test_resultThis is my backup plan to my willpower failing. As a man I know it has always been a personal dream to turn a pregnancy test positive and now I could get my chance. In my experience pregnant women do not lose weight but I visit a quack and he sells it as a diet. The unbelievable plan on how you too can lose weight being pregnant or just pass a pregnancy test:

Once again I am seeing a quack and as I am waiting there are printed sheets on the hCG diet. Basically you take shots of hCG and the weight magically comes off. I read a litlle further and the final sheets were for an ultra-strict diet. I was thinking then it isn’t the shot it is the diet that is working great. The doctor only commented that it was available if I was interested. As I left I made a comment to the office manager and he made two statements. First, he wanted to reassure me that it did not really make me pregnant (I was glad he told me 🙂 ). Second, he said it works great. Hindsight is 20/20, I should have asked him if while “not being pregnant” did he take a pregnancy test? Also, since you are taking a mostly female hormone do you feel prettier? While you may not get quality medical advice from a quack you can sometimes find entertainment.

Obviously, the pregnancy diet was never actually a choice. Though feeling pretty sounds good. 🙂 I think the all bacon Atkins diet can be something I can live with and enjoy!

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  1. As I was browsing around some of my older posts pregnancy seems to be a recurring theme. Maybe with the hCG I could get the results of the Pregnancy Cure and the weight loss. 😉

  2. Every time one of those tests turns for me, I have a myriad of symptoms that while aren’t MS certainly can make life more complicated. 🙂

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