Sep 232013

Not quite that exiting. 🙂

For a while I have blamed the majority of my problems on my diet. My diet is a lot of bad habits but getting the desire and persistence to change is hard. Eriksgirl decided to sign up for Slim 4 Life to lose a few pounds, her friends have had very good results. I went with her to join the program. I could certainly stand to lose a few pounds but the goal was to establish better habits. We set up a meeting to get signed up and all was going well. The problem came when they were going over the paperwork and I had a medical condition that failed me from their diet, and I still do not understand.

Their diet centers, at least at first, on a very low carb diet. Paraphrasing they refer to their diet as a ketogenic diet. Apparently due to the fact that I have had a seizure within the last five years I can not participate. The lady claimed a few people have had really bad seizures while on the diet hence the ban. I do question the company a little because the ketogenic diet is used as a treatment for epilepsy not a danger. Oh well I guess I am back to my not too trust worthy willpower. 😉

Amidst all of this there is still a backup plan to my willpower. I will post on that shortly.

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