Jul 062013

Because I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I am regularly recruited to MS studies for my opinion. If it is a drug which they do not provide a name they always call it Product X. This was another Product X study on a new drug. During the hour long one on one interview we discussed marketing phrasing for the new drug. All of phrasings were bad and they really liked to use “New technology….” has brought a better drug. I discussed there is a disconnect between technology and my health, drugs, etc. but I would lay money it is what they use.

Bottom line the study was clearly an interferon from its side effects. All the papers they showed me compared Product X as being better than the other interferons. You would take Product X every 2 to 4 weeks. The description of the drug sounded familiar so a quick search yielded Plegridy. In no way do I think the slight chemical change to increase the half-life of the drug will make it any better. I am obviously no fan of the interferons and this looks like just another way to put wrapping paper on trash. My $.02 is go with one of the oral drugs for MS since they are more powerful. If you want more information this is the press release on Plegridy from Biogen or you can look up the Advance study on the drug .

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