Mar 302013

ChrisGMy coworker Chris has been biking the MS 150 for years now. I received an email the other day that he is again doing the ride and seeking donations. If you are looking to give to the National MS Society I recommend you donate through Chris. I am thankful to Chris and the other bikers for their efforts. Safe travels.
You can click here to quickly contribute or here is an excerpt from the email he sent me: Continue reading »

Mar 252013

I was trying to think of a word that best described MS/Lyme and I think the word is inexplicable. For me, years ago, life was going along normally and then out of nowhere big problems started. I tried to write them off, and some went away. But much like the old adage problems that go away by themself will also come back by themself. So now as much as life is full of inexplicable things I now have the MS/Lyme which is a constant on and off for no reason. It is better, but not gone.

While not new news the weirdest thing, other than getting MS, was when Katja was “upright” again. I like to hear inexplicable stories of things going good for a change.

Mar 132013

I see all the new articles that they have found a new link to what causes MS: salt. Sadly super sizing the fries causes more than high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. 😉 I read the article, and I should get an award for not going to sleep, and still fail to fully see the issue. A T cell that helps regulate your sodium levels increases with heavier salt intake. Sounds like the body working normally and well, but in the “mouse model” it was bad. If they would have just said that a bad diet is bad for you I could go with that, but linking it to an essential chemical for the body has jumped the shark.

I have noticed two other correlations with Multiple Sclerosis: Breathing and Water Consumption. Both of these happened in 100% of people with MS. This should also be investigated for possible links to the disease.