Aug 262012

I think Canada study brings up a great question because in hindsight are interferons even a rational treatment? What are the interferons treating? Interferons are not the best understood thing in the body, but importantly they are already made in the body. Why when we are already making interferon b1a do we want to inject more? And if I recall it made out of Chinese hamster ovary cells. I was never checked to see if my interferon levels were low and needed boosting with a shot. Furthermore, in the body interferon is made as needed as an immune response to viruses, etc. Is the contention with taking the interferons that I have an infection that they will fixed. I certainly know the injections certainly never kept me from getting sick with other “infections.”

I decided to take a different approach and called MS Lifelines for Rebif to ask about this. I spoke with Karen. Karen emphasized that it is an immune modulator but I could not get any more detail, just the nebulous immune modulator. She did agree that it is a naturally occurring protein but the exact mechanism by which it works is unknown.

It may be that the drug that they do not know how it works never worked at all, and that is why no one knows how it works. The Canada study seems to point that the placebo effect was not working either. Maybe people just like injecting things. Later this year I will be selling injectable saline specially made to treat MS.

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