Aug 252012

Hardy any time passes before I see an article about someone signing up for a CCSVI trial or another trial proves it does not work. I was looking at my original objection to CCSVI today and was shocked that it has been three years. I am not surprised that the treatment is not working. How long will it take before they give this dead horse a break. The one thing I am very pleased with about CCSVI is that it was a new thought to MS. We need a lot more fresh thought brought in if any progress is going to be made. I give kudos to those willing to do the trial, but I think this one has run its course.

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  1. Did you see Dr. Nickolaus hedberg Understanding your autoimune disease? There’s also Dr. Tent and Utube videos about the benefits of high doses of vitamin d that puts ms into remission. Good luck.

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