Jul 192012

I guess not based on how much I had to pay for Rebif, just worthless in efficacy in preventing long term disease progression. What I do like is that they used all records of people on the drugs and those off and compared results. Overall it was a fairly large study and can be repeated elsewhere. In the minimum it does not bode well for the Interferon users for MS.

I liked this quote: “Researchers are quick to point out that this is just one measure of these disease modifying drugs and there is still potentially significant benefit to patients.” Maybe I am missing something. I thought one of the key purposes of taking the drugs is to prevent disease progression. I certainly did not enjoy taking a shot, and would not consider it a benefit. I did not enjoy the site reactions. I did not enjoy the side effects. What else is left? I was even tested for Rebif antibodies because Rebif was not working that well at controlling lesions. Now we may know why! 😉 Now I wonder why did did these drugs ever make it to market? Will the FDA just rubber stamp anything?

I am in the wrong business. I need some seed money to start a drug company. Obviously the drug does not have to be that safe or even work to get approved. I am thinking about sweet tasting pills like M&Ms but medicinal. 😉