Apr 042012

As I have been reading all the stories lately about the growing lotto jackpot size, and ultimately went up to $500 million I thought it was worth discussing. I have played the lotto in the past and no surprise lost the lotto. I knew going in that I was going to lose, but it was only $1. I wanted some images to go with this post and I had some unredeemed lotto scratch offs that I received as a gift so I “reinvested” those into the lottery. I met a guy in line and we briefly discussed the lottery, and he commented that people who play the lottery are bad at math. I have thought that for a while. He also said that if he had won the big lotto he would have bought all the pants in the world; so we could all be pantless? I was glad he lost and was wearing pants; sometimes it is the small blessing you never even knew about! I told him other than being bad at math I think people play the lotto out of desperation and hope. In the end rather than being a “poor tax” or a “bad at math tax” it is probably a “desperation tax”. Sad.

MS has mostly been a frustration for me unlike many other people who have it much worse. On the other hand I think people play the lotto with their MS treatments too. I think the treatments themselves become a source of hope. At least I am doing something. I remember feeling that way when I started Rebif that it would stop the progression, and the disappointment when it was not working well. I quit Rebif because it did not work and it was a disappointment. As critical as I am of Tysabri I would probably be giving it a try if I was steadily declining. It is possible that I would consider taking Tysabri even if I tested positive for anti-JCV antibodies. Unlike the lotto with MS drugs you stand a much better chance of something happening (and much like lotto winners always go bankrupt MS medication can help get you to bankruptcy). It is sad that desperation sometimes drives our decisions.

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  1. Hey i enjoyed your blogs. I had MS years back. I’d love to talk to you. People don’t realize how close they are to cures. I never claimed MS. I don’t claim anything that doctors can’t figure out. they have the dumbest apporaches to MS i have ever heard of.


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