Mar 262012

I while ago I got a link to sign a petition against the IDSA lyme protocols. At the time I did not have the time and eventually it just got forgotten. I think in the end it got forgotten because the IDSA protocols never impacted my treatment. I disagree with them, but you tend to be more passionate about things that personally affect you. I was reading Lymelight’s blog and it reminded me of the forgotten petition so I made haste to complete it before I forgot again. To make up for my late submission I submitted another one for Eriksgirl. My other confession is that I submitted another petition for the astrolgist. I obviously had his email address, but I ended up with his home address when he threatened that he could find my personal info whether I gave it to him or not, and to quit being paranoid. To be on the up and up I did not think he wanted an email subscription of updates so I opted him out of that. Deep down Ron can be proud of signing this petition via proxy. 😉

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