Mar 242012

I have posted a few times before about marijuana. I came across this article the other day, and the example they used was the need for weed for MS tremors. Twice a day!  Before she was trapped at home and now suddenly she is free.  The whole story sounds implausible. Maybe the hit in the evening is because her tremors are keeping her awake? In the end this is exactly why I mostly do not support medical marijuana. There are ample prescription medications available to treat tremors. She is taking marijuana because she wants to take marijuana, and now she is just another pot head. To be fair this could just be another horribly written article that left out lots of information.  In the end I think most people using “medical marijuana” do not need it, and it is an abuse of the system.

As to the linked article I see no problem with their being additional restrictions on those who take highly controlled substances. I spent months not being able to drive after each seizure to prove that I was stable. If she, and the others, are in that bad of shape than they should probably not be driving. Or if they are not that bad choose a normal medication. Or take the bus.

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  1. Erik…I have read that Lyme Disease oftens mimicks MS. I will be having a spinal tap soon and will be checking for MS, Lyme, Lupus, etc…My mother, aunt and grandmother all had MS and it runs in the family. I am an avid gardener and it could be Lyme’s. My question is…do you think that your earlier MS diagnosis wasn’t really Lyme disease that was undetected? If your Lyme disease is cured…have all of your symptoms gone away. I apologize for not reading all in your archives but stumbled across this looking for a way to make the crazy itching go away. Worse at night as I work 11pm to 7 am. What next?

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