Mar 202012

I write about urinary issues, and then I suddenly get stuck with one. This is an extremely rare problem for me. For me it manifests in one of two ways. This time, and the most common of the two, is urgency when there should not be any urgency. Making it worse the urgency is while I am sleeping, and not during the day. So lately I am getting up two or three times during the course of 6.5 hours of sleep to revisit the bathroom. I suspect this is related to the house being about 10° Fahrenheit warmer. This has happened at similar periods where I was getting to warm. I will either adjust or wait it out.  Of course this type has a name: nocturia.  Maybe I should do a little more investigating on nocturia.

The other bladder issue is that I have had difficulty emptying my bladder (this has only happened a couple of times). When I was having this type it was worse in the morning; probably because I am always warm from sleeping under too many covers. Along those same lines it was also worse when I got hot.

For both types I never took any treatment and eventually the problem went away; usually within about a month or two.

As I just went to the NMMS site it says that bladder dysfunction occurs in 80% of people with MS. Very disappointed I could not be in the 20% that missed that problem.  I try to follow good urinary habits, but I do not know what can be done to help overcome nocturia.  Maybe I will look up solutions.

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